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Example sentences for "crematorium"

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  1. The Crematorium enclosure has a close-packed show of tiny tombstones and dwarf crosses, that give a strange effect, as of a dolls' cemetery, so inveterate is the desire for some visible memorial of our loved ones.

  2. The cave which the earlier inhabitants had used as a crematorium was for the same reason unacceptable.

  3. A cave that became a tomb after the Semitic occupation was the one that had been the crematorium of the pre-Semitic inhabitants.

  4. At Calcutta a crematorium was opened in 1906.

  5. London thus has two crematoria within driving distance of its centre, and the Woking crematorium within easy reach of the south-west suburbs.

  6. During the next two years he generously defrayed costs to the amount of L3500, and built a smaller crematorium adjacent for himself and family.

  7. The bodies were preserved, and Captain Hanham erected a crematorium on his estate, and the cremation took place there.

  8. Who else has the crematorium as his sporting ground?

  9. Hence, of all abodes, the crematorium pleases my heart most, shaded that it generally is by branches of the banian and adorned with torn garlands of flowers.

  10. The crematorium is full of the hair and bones (of the dead), abounds with vulture and jackals, and is strewn with hundreds of funeral pyres.

  11. Hence, the crematorium is a sacred abode to me.

  12. Highly sacred and possessed of great merit, the crematorium is much applauded by persons desirous of having holy abodes.

  13. Near the experiment station was a crematorium of ugly brick and galvanised iron belonging to the city of Yamagata at which 1,000 bodies were burnt in a year in furnaces heated with pine blocks.

  14. She expressly asked that in the case of her death she should be cremated, and we were most anxious to carry out her wishes, but the Woking Crematorium was then undergoing structural alterations, and it was not possible to do so.

  15. It had been her wish that her body should be cremated; but the crematorium just then chanced to be out of order, and she had to be buried.

  16. In order to popularise the Corporation Crematorium, at Crematorium Road, the Corporation have decided as an experimental measure to abolish the fees now charged for the use of the Crematorium for one year.

  17. The trees on the crematorium are assuming a dark hue in consequence of the blue smoke of the funeral pyres.

  18. Their bodies should be taken to the crematorium on vehicles and there they should be burnt according to the rites of purification that have been laid down in the scriptures.

  19. That jackal dwelt in a vast crematorium and liked to dwell there.

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