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Example sentences for "denominators"

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denominational; denominationalism; denominations; denominative; denominator; denotation; denotative; denote; denoted; denotes
  1. Hence we have the following rule: To multiply two fractions together, multiply the numerators for a new numerator and the denominators for a new denominator.

  2. Find the least common multiple of the given denominators for a common denominator.

  3. Also the slant form makes it easier for the eye to examine the denominators to see whether reductions are necessary.

  4. In adding and subtracting fractions the pupil should not find the least common multiple of their denominators but should find any common multiple that he can find quickly and correctly.

  5. The denominators being the same, we have only to find the difference between the numerators to tell how much too short the former segment is.

  6. In the foregoing discussion of the differential equations of a characteristic chain, the denominators dF/dp, .

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