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denominators; denotation; denotative; denote; denoted; denoteth; denoting; denouement; denounce; denounced
  1. Properly, however, it denotes only a small portion near the latter.

  2. The mouth alone shows a certain benevolence, and the whole expression of the features denotes a character capable of managing worldly affairs.

  3. A massive gold chain denotes the wearer to be an alderman.

  4. IST denotes the occupation, or means of livelihood.

  5. UL denotes the possession of a Quality or Attribute.

  6. IL denotes the instrument by which an action is performed.

  7. It denotes the swiftness of the threatened judgment.

  8. He saw the visions of God in His governmental dealings with Israel, but the commission to him is the commission of Jehovah, the name which denotes the closer covenant relationship with His people.

  9. It denotes the reunion of the house of Judah with the house of Israel.

  10. The latter denotes the fact that the true sanctuary was in Judah, while the Kingdom of Israel, Samaria, practised a "false worship.

  11. The breadth of the door leading into the Holy part was ten cubits, but the door leading into the Most Holy was seven cubits broad, the number which denotes divine perfection.

  12. Its English name is evidently derived from the French Huppe, a word which also denotes 'a crest', the most striking characteristic of the bird.

  13. Its name RubA-cola denotes a dweller among brambles, and is by no means inappropriate, as it rarely perches on any bush exceeding a bramble in size.

  14. The farmer has no better friend, and yet an abundance of Goldfinches on an estate is anything but a welcome sight; for it denotes abundance of its favourite food, the seeds of thistles.

  15. The cross hatching denotes the quarters burnt down, and is reproduced exactly from the German original.

  16. The Reply is also referred to by pages, and in these cases the Arabic numeral denotes the page and is preceded by “p.

  17. The dove, on the top of the American standard, denotes the mildness and purity of her government.

  18. The flag or banner in the hands of princes, upon seals, denotes sovereign power, and was assumed by many lords in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

  19. The constellation denotes a new State taking its place and rank among the sovereign powers.

  20. Their disposition in the form of a circle, denotes the perpetuity of its continuance, the ring being the symbol of eternity.

  21. The yellow represents the olive tint of the Mediterranean population, the red denotes the effects of sunburn.

  22. It denotes the country which is known as Canaan in the Old Testament, which was promised to Abraham and conquered by his descendants.

  23. The name is applied, as we should expect, to the soldiers who sailed with Ulysses to Troy: but within Ithaca it seems clear that the name properly denotes the nobles.

  24. The upward jerk is less friendly and usually denotes the desire to keep strictly within the limits of acquaintanceship.

  25. These dismal reflections are, however, out of place on the peaceful slopes of Posilipo, whose very name denotes freedom from care.

  26. That huge jar of oil simmering on a charcoal fire denotes a fried-fish stall, where fish and "oil-cakes" are retailed at one sou a portion.

  27. In the French Army a double band of oak leaves round the cap denotes a General commanding a division.

  28. He was fastening them up against the heavy door, when he heard behind it a whispering on the part of the French, and the slight crackle that denotes a Bickford cord.

  29. Bloen / Blowing, A cant word, but of Gypsy origin, signifying a sister in debauchery, as Pal denotes a brother in villainy.

  30. Moreover, she gave the right pronunciation to the word which denotes a man not of Gypsy blood, saying gajo, and not gorgio, as the English Gypsies do.

  31. Illustration] Dignity denotes that propriety of mien and carriage which is appropriate to the different walks and ranks of life.

  32. The following letters are used to denote the state of the weather:— b denotes blue sky, whether with clear or slightly hazy atmosphere.

  33. Argos, among modern writers, denotes a plain, but not once in Homer.

  34. The barbel projecting from the chin denotes that it is a bottom feeder.

  35. Honor becomes fantastical in proportion to the peculiarity of the wants which it denotes, and the paucity of the men by whom those wants are felt; and it is because it denotes wants of this kind that its influence is great.

  36. A cow, or something of that sort, denotes he is in earnest, and my son also gave money to the girl herself to buy things for their future household.

  37. The short, quick step denotes activity, but small ideas and often pettiness.

  38. A fullness and enlargement there denotes strong affection, while deficiency in the affectionate qualities manifest in the opposite direction.

  39. An upward curve of the corners of the mouth, denotes a cheerful, optimistic disposition and mental attitude.

  40. A mincing walk is held to denote "finickiness," affectation, and general artificiality; while a careless walk denotes a disregard for appearances and a general unconventional nature.

  41. A short upper-lip denotes deficient Self-Esteem, but often also a strong Approbativeness.

  42. Likewise, a downward curve denotes a despondent, pessimistic disposition and mental attitude.

  43. Among the Hindus [S']aitya often denotes the sacred village-tree planted on a mound.

  44. Thus, if she has no objection to numbering him among her acquaintances, she denotes it by bowing first.

  45. Physiognomists say that the eye denotes the mind, and the mouth indicates the heart.

  46. It denotes one of the greatest changes in tapestries when the size of a hanging comes down from twenty or thirty feet to the dimensions of a doorway.

  47. A simple circle denotes the boundary of the enchanted land wherein she dwells, a park with noble trees and lovely flowers, among which disport the little animals that associate themselves with mankind.

  48. Indifference and inattention to dress is a defect of character rather than virtue, and often denotes indolence and slovenliness.

  49. It denotes that they sympathize with the afflictions of the family, and a warm, heartfelt sympathy is always appreciated.

  50. The stone-work is entirely of that massive kind, which denotes a very high degree of antiquity.

  51. These all mark the date of Veii in the elder times; but a statue of Tiberius found here, of course denotes the age of the empire.

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