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Example sentences for "dilemmas"

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dilection; dilectis; dilecto; dilectus; dilemma; diles; dilettante; dilettanteism; dilettanti; dilettantism
  1. To have escaped, she might have added, the saddest of all the Dilemmas of Pride.

  2. Such, in short, are the Dilemmas of Pride!

  3. She turned away from them more actively than from the rest, but it was because they bristled, naturally enough, with dilemmas and distresses which she made a literal effort to forget.

  4. We cannot get rid of this dilemma, one of those dilemmas which offer alternative possibilities so appallingly opposite, that the choice between them seems like a choice between two eternities.

  5. It is mainly in order to escape from the necessity of facing this terrifying series of unforeseeable dilemmas that the crowd-man walketh in a vain show.

  6. Government always represents the moral dilemmas of the worst people, not the best.

  7. The healthy moral will is characterized by a constant restating of the problem of living in terms of richer and higher and more significant dilemmas as new possibilities of personal worth are revealed by experience.

  8. You must take sides upon dilemmas which are but half true, change the tempo of your music to ragtime, eat your spiritual food with a knife, drape yourself in the flag of the dominant party.

  9. It is almost impossible to keep the consideration of any subject of general interest above the dilemmas of partisan crowds.

  10. Like all the practical dilemmas of life, this problem, assuming it to be in any sense a single problem, is real just because more than one solution is possible.

  11. An unusual inducement and opportunity are thus provided for every crowd to force its own crowd-dilemmas upon all.

  12. How the taking of Contraries for Contradictories may vitiate Disjunctive Syllogisms and Dilemmas has been sufficiently explained in the twelfth chapter.

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