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Example sentences for "disobeyed"

Lexicographically close words:
dismounts; disna; disobedience; disobedient; disobey; disobeying; disobeys; disoblige; disobliged; disobliging
  1. They knew only that he had grossly disobeyed orders, and not only that, but had disobeyed them for the furtherance of private ambition.

  2. Sire, does it matter what he did with them, as we have proof that he disobeyed orders?

  3. For as ye in times past disobeyed God, but now obtained mercy through their disobedience; (31)so also they now disobeyed through the mercy shown to you, that they also might obtain mercy.

  4. I have never disobeyed a revelation from God," he said.

  5. His daughter whom he loved more than all the others, has disobeyed him.

  6. But a harder task than all is to come for the Father of the Gods; how shall he deal with his own daughter, who has disobeyed him?

  7. She tells her sisters how she has disobeyed their father, and she begs them to protect her and the woman against his anger.

  8. I'm so sorry I disobeyed nurse and ran away.

  9. In after years Jeanne disobeyed the Pope in other ways, and taught her son to do so also; but at Plessis her sharp little ears picked up all that was said about Henry VIII.

  10. Church and disobeyed his Holy Father the Pope, in his refusal to allow Henry to put away his wife Katharine of Aragon, and marry somebody else.

  11. In obeying her you have disobeyed God; then in disobeying her you shall please God.

  12. Another exile, Goodman, enquired "how superior powers ought to be obeyed of their subjects; and wherein they may lawfully by God's word be disobeyed and resisted.

  13. It is of course possible that the Commandant would have disobeyed his own Government without the interference of Hill and myself.

  14. I thought it might be that as soon as I heard he had disobeyed instructions.

  15. I have never disobeyed him, and were I to do so now I believe it would break his heart.

  16. Have I ever gone contrary to your wishes, papa, or disobeyed you?

  17. But now, on flimsy pretexts, he deliberately disobeyed him.

  18. At this all the other papers suspended publication as a protest, or disobeyed the law and were closed.

  19. To be disobeyed was very grievous to her.

  20. You would have disobeyed no one," said Caroline.

  21. I do not know," said Marian, thinking of one whom she would have disobeyed by showing weakness.

  22. At St. Boniface, across the river, I can ask my friends to take you in, but if the Governor learns you have disobeyed his command he will be most angry.

  23. He himself had seen enough already of Alexander McDonnell to realize that he was not the kind of man to be lenient with anyone who disobeyed his orders.

  24. You have disobeyed the order I brought you to go to the 'bastarda; in that you have acted wrongly, and in that alone, for in every other respect you were perfectly right, the general himself says so.

  25. It was no longer ago than last night that I threatened, if she disobeyed me, to confine her to her chamber upon bread and water as long as she lived.

  26. That boy has disobeyed me, as though I were a person of no consequence.

  27. If the professors of this vessel are to be disobeyed and insulted, it is not proper for me to remain in her another hour.

  28. Colonel, moving a little nearer, "if you had not disobeyed and come after me I would not have been here.

  29. Why was she tacitly disobeyed when a swift and absolute obedience was imperative?

  30. If a slave disobeyed his master they punished him.

  31. They called to order the tellers of evil tales; and they banished from Herrnhut all who disobeyed the laws, or conducted themselves in an unbecoming, frivolous or offensive manner.

  32. We aver that he disobeyed all these orders.

  33. But Rice Jones took the oaths that were put to him, and so disobeyed the command of Christ.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disobeyed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.