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Example sentences for "diversifies"

Lexicographically close words:
diversely; diverses; diversi; diversification; diversified; diversify; diversifying; diversion; diversionary; diversions
  1. Let Authors take Example from Nature, who diversifies the great Poem of the World with Spring and Summer.

  2. Not everything that diversifies habits, diversifies the powers: since habits are certain determinations of powers to certain special acts.

  3. Whether the Division of Sins According to Their Debt of Punishment Diversifies Their Species?

  4. Now the diversity of objects, as such, diversifies the powers.

  5. In like manner therefore, not any variety of objects diversifies the powers of the soul, but a difference in that to which the power of its very nature is directed.

  6. Now it is evident that diversity of principles diversifies the species, even in demonstrative sciences.

  7. A different aspect of the object diversifies the species of a habit, as stated above (Q.

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