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Example sentences for "divider"

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  1. The same firm which brought out this dough divider has also produced a dough-moulding machine, which has a wide range of work.

  2. Here the pieces of dough coming from the divider are fed into the moulder by a canvas band, and are worked between a large cylindrical roller and a vertically running canvas and leather belt.

  3. The first step in this direction was made by the Lewis-Pointon dough divider and weigher, which was intended for dividing and weighing out dough ready for the moulding table.

  4. A mountain range, so it was said, is the natural divider of waters.

  5. When a drunkard or a whoremonger will confess his sin, a church divider will stand to it and defend it; and woe to them that call evil good, and good evil!

  6. And shall we join with Satan the divider and destroyer, against Christ the reconciler, in the very design of his redemption?

  7. And the divider shall sit in Azotus, and I will destroy the pride of the Philistines.

  8. But he said to him: Man, who hath appointed me judge or divider over you?

  9. Science has, and will long have, to be a divider and a separatist.

  10. Hair compass, Hair divider, a compass or divider capable of delicate adjustment by means of a screw.

  11. Method of Setting Dividers Accurately] Combination Caliper and Divider The combination caliper and divider shown in Fig.

  12. The divider points may be set at an angle, which permits of stepping off readily around the outside of a shaft at angular distances, where the ordinary dividers are useless.

  13. There it stands, the Divider of time and the Divider of men.

  14. The divider L had a cloth screen extending to the rear of the platform.

  15. L, at the outer end of the cutter, which divider projected in front of the cutter, and separated in advance the grain which was to be cut from that which was to be left standing.

  16. At the edge of the police lane, both cars unshipped cranes and magnalifted the junk over the divider barrier onto the one-hundred-foot-wide service strip bordering the police lane.

  17. Clay picked up speed at the outer edge of the blue lane and rolled along until he reached the first "patrol only" entrance through the divider to the service strip.

  18. Ben brought Beulah to a halt across the divider from the stopped carrier.

  19. The red emergency lights and the radio siren had already cleared a hole for him in the traffic pattern and he eased back on the finger throttles as the patrol car sailed over the divider and into the blue traffic lane.

  20. An hour out of St. Louis, a big liquid cargo carrier was stopped on the inner edge of the green lane against the divider to the police lane.

  21. Parked at the north edge of the police lane, the patrol car was just a few feet from the green lane divider strip and cars and cargo carriers flashed by as they ate.

  22. Traffic gave way as Car 56 hurtled the divider into the blue.

  23. Ben backed Beulah across the divider behind the stalled carrier to give them protection while they tried to assist the stalled vehicle.

  24. He is the divider of years, he is hidden of mouth, his mouth is silent, that which he uttereth is secret, he fulfilleth eternity and taketh possession of everlastingness of existence as Hetep, the lord Hetep.

  25. Now, is there a concrete divider somewhere here on Elm Street?

  26. They were but bait for the ghost-bull, Divider of the Sun; and both were duly slain by it," I replied.

  27. Thy glance withers, O Stabber of the Sun; O Divider of the Stars.

  28. But he said unto him, Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you?

  29. The reply implied that the Master regarded his work as spiritual, and that he was not willing to invade the sphere of civil law or to usurp the place of regularly appointed authorities, “Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you?

  30. This is done by means of a divider of strong tin, copper, or iron, pushed in from behind, in a groove cut edgewise in the bottom side of the main board, and resting on the under one.

  31. The other divider is to be pushed in in a similar way, the flanches resting respectively right and left on the upper edge of each half-box.

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