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Example sentences for "duvet"

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dutyes; duumvir; duumvirate; duumviri; duumvirs; dux; duxit; duzzen; dvornik; dwar
  1. Owen shook hands with Aunt 'Lizbeth, and introduced her to Madame Duvet and Mr Deep, after having asked them first of all whether they had seen her previously.

  2. Madame Duvet made such very decided attempts to talk to him, however, that he was obliged to cease wondering, and to bring his usually versatile genius into play, in the light of all the grandeur.

  3. You know Madame Duvet is doing all she can to catch Owen.

  4. Madame Duvet says he's the handsomest man she ever saw, and that his beard is enough to win any woman's heart.

  5. He was struck with the eagerness of Madame Duvet and Netta, who entered into the game with all the avidity of accomplished gamblers.

  6. Owen, on his side, was sorry that he had exposed her to the sarcasm that she so little understood, and talked to Madame Duvet to withdraw attention from her.

  7. But he did not add that he should like to take care of Madame Duvet as she wished him to do.

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