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Example sentences for "encores"

Lexicographically close words:
encontrar; encontre; encor; encore; encored; encounter; encountered; encountering; encounters; encountred
  1. Cest mal offert, “That is euyll boden, Ou trop demande; Or to moche axed; 36 Encores ameroie mieulx Yet had I leuer Quil fust dor in vostre escrin.

  2. Three hearty, deafening, unanimous encores for the brilliant fireworky Hanwellian vocalisation in LUCY'S (not "H.

  3. The encores and the floral testimonial quite turned mad heroine's head.

  4. Just by the village patch Maga Maroo, pretty Silva Sula and some more dusky flappers threw their brown-stockinged legs skyward with delight as the dusky Lotharios gave wild encores in a strange barbarian tongue.

  5. We were all in the best of voice and with the good will of the audience we carried out the programme without an error, with encores galore.

  6. Again and again she was forced to respond to encores and when Judge Gibson finally led her off the stage she was repeatedly cheered.

  7. This was a novel thought to Bok: why eliminate encores from any concert?

  8. So when the second nicht they made me gie e'en more encores than the first I began to be fair sure.

  9. Professor Bozzaotra himself had executed a magnificent violin solo, and responded twice to encores that could not be suppressed.

  10. Mr. Revington was exceedingly distrait; Miss Smith teased him for a song, but he gave her such a doleful one that he received no encores whatever.

  11. That dance had its several encores and finally ended.

  12. These dances were short, the encores very brief, and the intermissions long.

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