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Example sentences for "ephor"

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ephah; ephemeral; ephemerides; ephi; ephod; ephori; ephors; epiblast; epiblastic; epic
  1. Now, it was on account of just this sort of wrong-doing that the Spartans banished their ephor Lysander, and put their king Agis to death--an act without precedent in the history of Sparta.

  2. Origin of the office of Ephor in the Spartan state.

  3. It is still more to our purpose that the decrees which undermined the constitution of Sparta originated from these magistrates: it was the ephor Epitadeus who first carried through the law permitting the free inheritance of property.

  4. This whole system was entirely broken up by the law of the ephor Epitadeus, which permitted any person to give away his house and lot during his lifetime, and also to leave it as he chose by will.

  5. They must in early times have had the privilege of proposing laws(518) (but doubtless not till after they had passed through the gerusia), if the ephor Chilon is correctly called a legislator.

  6. This opposition-party found decided favor with the Spartan king, as well as with the ephor Naukleidas, who was present along with him.

  7. In this latter part of his march, Agesilaus was met by the ephor Diphridas in person, who urged him to hasten his march as much as possible, and attack the Bœotians.

  8. And the purpose of Agesilaus (ordered by the ephor Diphridas) to invade Bœotia, completely failed.

  9. He gave it out also, that he was to continue ephor the ensuing year.

  10. The same ephor asked him, whether now at least he did not repent his rashness.

  11. Fixed antiquities must be reported by the discoverer to the Ephor General or one of the ephors of antiquities or other official.

  12. All antiquities found are the property of the Government and are controlled by an Archaeological Commission, consisting of the Ephor General of Antiquities and the ephors of the archaeological collections in Athens.

  13. When the Ephor related this dream to Kleomenes, he was at first much alarmed, and feared that the man had conceived some suspicion of his designs, but finding that he was really in earnest recovered his confidence.

  14. He also gave out that he intended to remain in office as Ephor for the next year as well.

  15. Upon this the same Ephor asked him whether he repented of what he had done.

  16. There, no jarring contests with little men, who deem themselves the equals of the great, no jealous Ephor is found, to load the commonest acts of life with fetters of iron custom.

  17. And as the presiding Ephor continued the observations he addressed to them, the rest listened with profound and almost breathless silence.

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