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  1. The archaeological remains noted on the map are described in three volumes of Memoirs, also published by the Exploration Fund.

  2. In the year 1900 the American School of Oriental Research in Palestine was opened at Jerusalem under the aegis of the Archaeological Institute of America.

  3. Egypt has, however, furnished no positive archaeological evidence of this view.

  4. In all parts of Palestine, and especially at Jerusalem, important archaeological discoveries are frequently made when people are digging to lay the foundations of buildings, to construct a cistern, or for other purposes.

  5. So many of these are massive temples of stone, which, through all the ages, have stood unconcealed as silent witnesses of a past greatness, that from Cairo to the First Cataract Egypt is one great archaeological museum.

  6. This is shown by archaeological remains found at Ashur, and by the name of Nineveh.

  7. Archaeological investigation has brought to light a number of texts believed by scholars to illumine the Biblical accounts of Abraham.

  8. Many of these ultimately were lost and buried in the soil, so that many, many coins have been brought to light by archaeological research.

  9. Archaeological research has recently thrown much light upon the census of Quirinius mentioned in Luke 2:1-5.

  10. It also gives us archaeological evidence of the culture of flax by the ancient Israelites.

  11. The whole question of the so-called cult of the dead at Rome calls for fresh investigation in the light of ethnological and archaeological research.

  12. In Rome itself, where archaeological study is concentrated and admirably staffed, great progress has been made, and much light thrown on the later periods of religious history.

  13. I am gratified indeed that your memory should be so retentive and your archaeological comparison so accurate.

  14. Lena seated herself close to the blaze, and glanced up at the sooty arch above her head with small appreciation of the historic memories of the place, of the archaeological interest inherent in the swinging crane and twisted andirons.

  15. That was a pleasant little archaeological giro, and you showed yourself upon that occasion to be an audience of great endurance.

  16. Among the old houses may be mentioned the Hotel du Grabatoire of the Renaissance, once a hospital for the canons and the so-called house of Queen Berengaria (16th century), meeting place of the historical and archaeological society of Maine.

  17. Lenormant returned to Greece three times during the next six years, and gave up all the time he could spare from his official work to archaeological research.

  18. In 1829 he entered the university of Leipzig, and one year later that of Gottingen, where, under the influence of Otfried Muller, he finally decided to devote himself to the archaeological side of philology.

  19. It is a very old city and the see of a bishop, and has an archaeological museum for church antiquities.

  20. See also Archaeologia Cantiana (translations of the Kent Archaeological Society, London, from 1858).

  21. Through the influence of Cardinal Barberini he next (1635) settled in Rome, where for eight years he taught mathematics in the Collegio Romano, but ultimately resigned this appointment to study hieroglyphics and other archaeological subjects.

  22. The foundation of Kharkov is assigned to 1650, but there is archaeological evidence of a much earlier occupation of the district, if not of the site.

  23. Archaeological studies among the ancient cities of Mexico; Field Museum of Natural History, Publications 8 and 16, Anthropological Series, Vol.

  24. Ethnological evidence has been collected bearing upon the history of the development of the area under consideration, but no archaeological investigations, which would help materially in solving these problems, have been carried on.

  25. Just as you had to join the Archaeological Society to secure the esteem of Mr. Outwood, so to become a member of the Fire Brigade was a safe passport to the regard of Mr. Downing.

  26. Sergeant Collard had waylaid the archaeological expert on his way to chapel, and informed him that at close on twelve the night before he had observed a youth, unidentified, attempting to get into his house via the water pipe.

  27. And, mark you, laddie, if you belong to the Archaeological Society you get off cricket.

  28. The excitement of seeing his household goods smashed with a dumbbell had made the archaeological student quite a swashbuckler for the moment.

  29. Psmith's attitude toward archaeological research struck a new note in the history of that neglected science.

  30. There's an Archaeological Society in the school, run by him.

  31. What Comrade Outwood will say, when he finds that his keenest archaeological disciple has deserted, I hate to think.

  32. The Archaeological Society expeditions, even though they carried with them the privilege of listening to Psmith's views of life, proved but a poor substitute for cricket.

  33. Mike was a member of the Archaeological Society, and had refused to play cricket.

  34. Of the temples of the eastern zone the best known is Chandi Jago (or Tumpang), elaborately described in the Archaeological Commission's monograph.

  35. Humphreys, in Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural Hist.

  36. Forchhammer on the Mahamuni Pagoda in Burmese Archaeological Report (?

  37. In the following winter I was accordingly requested to take charge, for the American Archaeological Institute, of an expedition for research and if possible for excavation.

  38. Having no occupation but archaeological research and photography, I decided to make a series of expeditions into the mountain district, and to begin with a visit to the famous strongholds of Sphakia.

  39. Editor of the Archaeological Survey and Archaeological Reports of the Egypt Exploration Fund.

  40. Member of Imperial German Archaeological Institute, the Societe Asiatique, and the Institut Egyptien, Cairo.

  41. Site 104 Shown as archaeological site on Loud's map but given by Merriam as a village.

  42. There are 5 house pits but Waterman thinks this is a true archaeological site, the inhabitants having moved across to oreqw several generations ago.

  43. Site 36 Stated by Merriam to be an archaeological site.

  44. As to the Athenian law of homicide, see my article Phonos in the Archaeological Dictionary.

  45. See my article Theorica in the Archaeological Dictionary.

  46. Editor to the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society; Author of "The Life of John Ruskin," etc.

  47. Thanks are also due to the editors of the Archaeological Journal for permission to found the plan of Haughmond abbey (p.

  48. Many plans of other monasteries with brief descriptions will be found in the accounts of the summer meetings of the Royal Archaeological Institute in recent volumes of the Archaeol.

  49. In short nothing comes to us now but fragments--fragments of great archaeological interest, but whose value as works of art is almost nothing.

  50. If they want me to admire it, they must make a new nose; if they don't want to make a new nose, then they must divide up the Louvre into two museums, the aesthetic museum and the archaeological museum.

  51. Freeman, who had been impressed by an ingenious paper of his at a meeting of the Somerset Archaeological Society, and who became from that time his steadfast friend.

  52. Archaeological and Ethnological Papers Of The Peabody Museum Harvard University Vol.

  53. By Zelia Nuttall Honorary Special Assistant of the Peabody Museum; Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; Member of the Philosophical Society, Philadelphia; Honorary Member of the Archaeological Association, Univ.

  54. The universal spread of the identical scheme of organization, vouched for by documentary evidence, is further demonstrated by the results of archaeological and historical research and a comparative study of ancient symbolism.

  55. Holmes, in Part II of his instructive and extremely useful "Archaeological Studies among the Ancient Cities of Mexico," which I have received just as this paper is going to press.

  56. This threw a new light upon them--under the disguise of archaeological conservatives they were evidently aiming at important liberal reforms.

  57. Cosmopolitan in their tendencies, and absolutely free from all archaeological sentimentality, they regarded the institution from the purely utilitarian point of view.

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