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Example sentences for "archaeologically"

Lexicographically close words:
arced; arces; arch; archaeologic; archaeological; archaeologist; archaeologists; archaeology; archaic; archaism
  1. As to the archaeological evidence, the fact seems to be that the account is archaeologically so inexact that it has given great trouble to one eminent antiquary, Knut Stjerna.

  2. I have tried to show (Appendix F) that these accounts of cremation are not so archaeologically correct as has sometimes been claimed.

  3. No doubt all such circles might be traced archaeologically to that Sorcerers' College said by the rabbins to have been kept by Asa and Asael.

  4. There appears to be no mention of them from the adjacent west coast of Mexico, but they are known archaeologically from the Great Basin.

  5. Specimens of this type are abundantly reported for all of central and southern Baja California, and they have been archaeologically found in the central area (Massey, MS 1).

  6. Here we have again that unprecedented phenomenon--early poets who are archaeologically precise.

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