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  1. Work done through dragomans is never entirely satisfactory, because it requires the unattainable condition that the dragoman should be as much a scientific student of anthropology and of archaeology as the traveller himself.

  2. Garstang, "Notes of a Journey through Asia Minor," Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology, i.

  3. He was," says one of the highest of living scientists and writers, "one of the chief representatives of the science of archaeology as understood in its broadest and widest sense.

  4. Further details will be found in Carr Stephen, Archaeology of Delhi, pp.

  5. The late Mr. Carr Stephen, a resident of Delhi, wrote a valuable book on the Archaeology of the city, but it has no illustrations, except a few plans on a small scale.

  6. His memorable discoveries in archaeology and numismatics are recorded in the seven volumes of the J.

  7. It is the most learned work on Oriental Philology and Archaeology published in Europe.

  8. The intense interest which Egyptian archaeology is exciting in Europe will be seen from the list of new books on the subject.

  9. In England, France, Germany and Italy, Egyptian archaeology is the most fruitful topic among the learned.

  10. In later times, especially in the fifteenth century, this naive form of archaeology was given up, and the heroes of ancient and sacred history are represented exactly like kings and warriors of the artist's own time.

  11. Reader in Classical Archaeology in the University of Cambridge.

  12. Much might reasonably be expected from the sciences of archaeology and anthropology.

  13. Rogers' essay on Baptism and Christian Archaeology in Studia Biblica, vol.

  14. The archaeology and history of the isle are voluminous.

  15. He was made doctor of letters, chevalier of the Legion of Honour, professor of archaeology at the Bibliotheque Imperiale, member of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres and perpetual secretary of the Academie des Beaux-Arts.

  16. Archaeology says as the Utes and the Navajo and the Apache--Asthapascan stock--came ramping from the North, the Stone Men were driven from the valleys to the inaccessible cliffs and mesa table lands.

  17. If you go out with the American School of Archaeology (Address Santa Fe for particulars) your transportation will cost you still less, perhaps not $2.

  18. Curious how geology and archaeology agree on the rise and evanishment of these people.

  19. Putnam, of Harvard University, Curator of Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, and now President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, gave lessons on American archaeology.

  20. The archaeology of the island is being studied by persons specially interested in the subject.

  21. Brinton has presented to the University of Pennsylvania, where he is Professor of American Archaeology and Linguistics, his entire collection of books and manuscripts relating to the aboriginal languages of North and South America.

  22. The best account of the archaeology of Japan will be found in Prehistoric Japan, by N.

  23. Two memoirs, published under one cover by the Peabody Institute of American Archaeology and Ethnology, relate to explorations by George Byron Gordon in two districts of Honduras, affording relics different in character.

  24. Archaeology proved unfruitful, and the two brothers took up geodesy.

  25. Art, and art only, can make archaeology beautiful; and the theatric art can use it most directly and most vividly, for it can combine in one exquisite presentation the illusion of actual life with the wonder of the unreal world.

  26. Archaeo-geologist, one versed in pre-historic remains, or familiar with both archaeology and geology.

  27. Lubbock has divided pre-historic archaeology into four great epochs, as follows: "I.

  28. Simpson's most notable contributions to archaeology were made when his time was most occupied professionally.

  29. In 1861 Simpson was president of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and delivered an address on the past and present work of archaeology which greatly stimulated antiquarian study in his country.

  30. A book on archaeology and the Bible written from this point of view would confine itself to the way in which texts of Scripture are illustrated or illumined by antiquarian objects.

  31. Between rival critical hypotheses it is not the function of archaeology to decide.

  32. It should in all candor be noted just what archaeology has proved concerning this matter, and what points are still, from the archaeological side, outstanding.

  33. To many the word archaeology calls up visions of ancient pottery, jewelry, swords, utensils, etc.

  34. According to this view, archaeology is the science of ancient documents, and a book dealing with archaeology and the Bible should confine itself to the discussion of documents which confirm or illustrate the Biblical text.

  35. See the Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology, Vol.

  36. Calculations based on this method will be found in recent works on Hebrew archaeology and dictionaries of the Bible.

  37. Its existence marks an epoch in the archaeology of the country.

  38. Much has been learned from archaeology about Egyptian brick-making, and it corresponds to the description of it given in Exodus.

  39. Figuier states his purpose in offering a new work on pre-historic archaeology to the French public, already acquainted in translation with the works on the subject by Sir Charles Lyell and Sir John Lubbock.

  40. To this romance of archaeology we shall oppose the simple explanation which chemistry suggests to us.

  41. When the archaeology of Macedonia and Thrace is better understood, we shall doubtless be able to clear up this point.

  42. But during the eighties rifts appeared to disturb this harmony, anthropology and archaeology began to claim a hearing, and to disagree with the conclusions of philology.

  43. Museum of Archaeology and Found in the peat.

  44. A very fine example of this type is in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Cambridge; nothing is known, unfortunately, of its provenance beyond the fact that it came from Hungary.

  45. She will, moreover, dance the tarantella gracefully and well, and talk even about archaeology when she has done explaining volubly what a cheat the other girl is, and how false is her pretence to be custodian of anything worth seeing.

  46. Pompeii stands free and open under the clear sky; so large, so perfect, that in the fascination of its archaeology one is somewhat led away from the disaster.

  47. On the archaeology of Sorrento the best work known to me is that of Beloch, Campanien.

  48. The archaeology of Iran, as I have shown elsewhere, can provide vital clue to an authentic resuscitation of Sasanian past.

  49. Sir John Marshall, Director General of Archaeology in India, continued very kindly to permit me use of books after I had severed official connection with his library at Simla.

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