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  1. Therefore, as I think, we find some coarse passages of the Arabian Nights rendered with unnecessary crudity and some poetic passages marred by archaisms and provincialisms.

  2. With the encumbrances that in the centuries had so disfigured it, the archaisms and the pseudo-classicisms, it would never come to pass that one great Serbian nation would be formed.

  3. Dialect, archaisms and the like, will not do.

  4. In Naevius we find archaisms proportionally much more numerous than in Plautus, especially in the retention of the original length of vowels, and early forms of inflexion, such as the genitive in -as and the ablative in -d.

  5. It shows no marked archaisms of form, unless the infinitive in -ier is to be accounted as such.

  6. His archaisms and Graecisms, both in diction and in syntax, are very numerous; but frequently there is a freedom in the use of cases and prepositions which can only be due to bold and independent innovations.

  7. Archaisms are but sparingly introduced; but for metrical reasons he has four instances of the inf.

  8. Hence Ritschl and Mommsen pointed out that the language was modified at the same time, and that, although many archaisms have been retained, some were falsely introduced, and others replaced by more modern forms.

  9. His archaisms consist partly of words and phrases used in a sense for which we have only early authorities, e.

  10. Hence it appears that his numerous archaisms were regarded as in no way inconsistent with grace and precision of diction.

  11. There are practically no archaisms (spargier in Carm.

  12. In point of language he was a purist like Augustus; but unlike him he mingled archaisms with his diction.

  13. And this admirable counsel he has himself generally followed--but few provincialisms or archaisms can be detected in his pages.

  14. During and after the time of Claudius affected archaisms crept in, and the value both of inscriptions and MSS.

  15. Falleris et nondum certo tibi lumine res est, and inserts many archaisms as ulli for ullius, opus governing an accus.

  16. The style of Gellius abounds with archaisms and rare words, e.

  17. Aurelius adopted his teacher's love of archaisms with such zest that even Fronto was obliged to advise a more popular style.

  18. I have accordingly retained the archaisms and the old-world formulæ which go so well with the folk-tale.

  19. Now there is just a touch of snobbery in objecting to these archaisms and calling them "vulgar.

  20. He is fond of certain archaisms and unusual phrases.

  21. Archaisms are not more tolerable in pictures than they are in statues, poems, or music; and the archaisms of this kind of art are so numerous as to be at first sight the most striking feature belonging to it.

  22. So that any reader will be able to start anywhere and understand any stanza immediately, I have glossed even the common archaisms throughout (e.

  23. In his "Defence of Poesy" he condemns the archaisms and provincialisms of the "Shepherd's Calendar.

  24. His theory, caught from Bellay, of rescuing good archaisms from unwarranted oblivion, was excellent; not so his practice of being archaic for the mere sake of escaping from the common and familiar.

  25. To compare the peculiar tinge of his language with the ordinary archaisms and euphonisms of literary poets would be mistaking a field flower for its counterpart in a milliner's shop window.

  26. Recondite archaisms and ruralisms, together with marvellously apt and original descriptive compounds, are things which perpetually astonish and delight her readers.

  27. Miscellaneous archaisms are the past tenses sate for sat, trode for trod, spat for spit; also writ for wrote and written, rid for rode and ridden, strewed and strown for strewn.

  28. Halliwell (Phillips): A Dictionary of Archaisms and Provincialisms, Containing Words now Obsolete in England All of Which are Familiar and in Common Use in America, 2nd ed.

  29. A Dictionary of Archaisms and Provincialisms, Containing Words Now Obsolete in England, All of Which are Familiar and in Common Use in America; 2nd ed.

  30. Most of the principal Archaisms are illustrated by examples selected from early inedited MSS.

  31. But we forget these archaisms in the spell of a holy soul, in love with wisdom, "intoxicated with God.

  32. No archaisms in Biblical thought destroy its spiritual power over us.

  33. In the great tome of his record of archaisms and neologisms, the grey moss hangs about the oak, and the graft shoots forth with fresh verdure.

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