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Example sentences for "archangels"

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  1. I had a vision under a green hedge, A hedge of hips and haws—men yet shall hear The archangels rolling Satan’s empty skull Over the mountain-tops.

  2. Whether he understand or know, it may be that the voices of Angels and Archangels have spoken in the cloud and whatever wildness come upon his life, feet of theirs may well have trod the clusters.

  3. They had to match, you see, The archangels in Heaven.

  4. There was none to replace him, unto God dispatched the archangels Michael and Gabriel to carry messages from one to the other and back again.

  5. Then he pronounced the formula of betrothal, taking God and the two archangels Michael and Gabriel as witnesses, and she became his wife, legally married to him.

  6. The third and lowest hierarchy, embracing the orders of Principalities, Archangels and Angels, holds supremacy over terrestrial things.

  7. The Archangels or Angelic princes are seven in number, and their Hebrew names and functions correspond almost exactly to those of their Persian prototypes.

  8. It is added that the Archangels first sang the Gathas.

  9. But though the Grecian gods and demigods were the counterparts of the archangels and lesser powers of the Jews and Christians, they were not pictorially depicted, as they were in other places, like winged men or other creatures.

  10. The fifth, sixth, and seventh archangels are Phaniel, Raguel, and Sarakiel.

  11. There can be, we think, little doubt that the seven archangels are the seven planets known to the ancients, each of which had a day dedicated to it, and who thus originated the week of seven days.

  12. And those who found him saw Archangels sitting on the mountain tops With golden shields, and there were sounds of war Far off as they were fighting in the clouds; Driving the witches off to hell, no doubt.

  13. We children called them by the golden names Archangels wear.

  14. Further, archangels are as it were angel princes.

  15. It might be fancied to be the voice of one of those kingly archangels that one sees drawn by the old Florentine religious artists,--a voice grave and unearthly, and with a plaintive undertone of divine mystery.

  16. The beautiful plains of Lombardy lie beneath like a map, and the northern horizon-line is glittering with the entire sweep of the Alps, like a solemn senate of archangels with diamond mail and glittering crowns.

  17. The Virgin Mother, holding the child Jesus on her knees, sits enthroned in a niche of the gable, whilst two archangels cense.

  18. They celebrate the eight [canonical] hours, praising and adoring the Lord, and the Archangels accompany them.

  19. For the birds and the Archangels lead the music, and then the Heavenly Host, with the Saints and Virgins, make response.

  20. By these words is manifested how great care the archangels have of their authority over mankind, when he said that Michael came to his succour.

  21. We shrink from representing all these archangels to ourselves in Indian surroundings.

  22. It seems to me that when you have resolved the problem of the origin of moral evil into the question, Why has God not originated a moral universe in which the lowest moral being would be as excellent as the archangels are?

  23. The question is one which would obviously give rise to another, Why has God not created only moral beings as much superior to the archangels as they are superior to the lowest Australian aborigines?

  24. So in Judaism also different orders of angels arose, headed by archangels who bore special names.

  25. Only the archangels were made from an eternal substance, while the others were continually being created anew out of the breath of God or from the "river of fire" which flowed around His throne.

  26. The archangels stood afar, they were veiled, and looked on.

  27. Seraphita, pointing to clouds where the archangels were astir.

  28. Seven devils appeared, seven archangels came down to them.

  29. Although the angels remained angels even in their human disguise, nevertheless the personality of Abraham was so exalted that in his presence the archangels felt insignificant.

  30. Then God caused the archangels Michael and Gabriel to descend.

  31. It could not have survived the enmity of the Gentiles, if God had not appointed protectors for it, the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

  32. When Enoch reached the seventh heaven, and saw all the fiery hosts of great archangels and incorporeal powers and lordships and principalities and powers, he was afraid and trembled with a great terror.

  33. In the seventh heaven he saw the seven bands of archangels who arrange and study the revolutions of the stars and the changes of the moon and the revolution of the sun, and superintend the good or evil conditions of the world.

  34. Then all the archangels were perplexed, and began to screw about in their seats, trying to invent or think of some calamity that would bring the wicked human race to its senses and stir up its conscience.

  35. So he began to think how and by what means he could punish them, and he called a council of his angels and archangels to talk about it.

  36. Then the angels and the archangels began to say to God: "Lord, why have you laid upon him such a frightful command?

  37. But," the archangels say, "he is not a man; he is made of sand.

  38. The older angels and the archangels didn't want to go.

  39. Archangels are so called because they hold the leadership among angels.

  40. Archangels in the Greek tongue means summi nuntii in the Latin.

  41. The Abbot Desiderius, holding, after the usual symbolical fashion, the church in his hand, is to be seen at the east end along with the archangels and evangelists.

  42. Though manifold in shape, they have little to do with mythology, and are analogous to the archangels of Christian and Jewish tradition and to the Amesha Spentas of Zoroastrianism.

  43. He is not a male deity like Krishna, but a strong, bright spirit and like the Christian archangels above sexual distinctions.

  44. So that while a man may say that he believes in Angels and Archangels and so on, he leads his life as though they did not exist.

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