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  1. History of the Catholic Archbishops of Dublin since the Reformation.

  2. We are happy to announce the publication of the first volume of the History of the Catholic Archbishops of Dublin since the Reformation, by the Rev.

  3. The present volume brings the history of the Archbishops down to the memorable period of 1641.

  4. Nor did the successive Archbishops care greatly if the test was a varying or a conflicting one.

  5. The circumstance of the Archbishops of Reims being dukes and peers as well as primates of the capital of the Champagne accounts for their preference for a fortified place of residence at this turbulent epoch.

  6. On this spot formerly stood the feudal castle of the Archbishops of Reims, demolished nearly three centuries ago.

  7. Orlando Gibbons, and to the Archbishops Boyes and Sumner.

  8. One window contains old glass, and in the centre of the floor is placed the chair of Purbeck marble in which the Archbishops are enthroned.

  9. For any description of the tombs of the archbishops there is, unfortunately, no space here.

  10. Among the many portraits of the archbishops which hang at Lambeth, the portrait of Laud by Van Dyck is one of the most admirable.

  11. In Milton's boyhood its gray towers had already marked for three centuries the residence of the Archbishops of Canterbury.

  12. A number of its victims have arrived in our country, and the Archbishops of Great Britain have issued a moving appeal for their relief.

  13. The ready and active obedience of the archbishops of Russia and Nice, of Isidore and Bessarion, was prompted and recompensed by their speedy promotion to the dignity of cardinals.

  14. After the decease of the patriarch Joseph, the archbishops of Heraclea and Trebizond had courage to refuse the vacant office; and Cardinal Bessarion preferred the warm and comfortable shelter of the Vatican.

  15. We possess some of the letters which he wrote in June, 1231, urging the bishops and archbishops to further his plans.

  16. Hardly had he ascended the pontifical throne when he sent legates to southern France, and wrote urgent letters full of apostolic zeal to the Archbishops of Auch and Aix, the Bishop of Narbonne, and the King of France.

  17. All bishops and archbishops were commanded to visit personally once or twice a year, or to empower their archdeacons or other clerics to visit, every parish in which heresy was thought to exist.

  18. To the Pope he said that he was much annoyed to find that his archbishops had to pay vast sums when they fetched their palls, and it was decreed that this should be so no longer.

  19. Several of the archbishops of Canterbury endeavoured, as we have seen, to restore discipline, but the spiritual courts were corrupt, and their efforts were of little avail.

  20. This letter was addressed to the archbishops by name, for they were, in virtue of their office, the recognized heads of the people of England.

  21. Moreover, the clergy of the Welsh or Britons were to be subject to him and to the future archbishops of the English Church.

  22. Both archbishops were to receive the pall, and to be of equal authority.

  23. In this crisis the two archbishops preserved the peace of the kingdom; for they declared for Eadward, the elder son of Eadgar, and placed the crown on his head.

  24. Convocations were summoned by the archbishops for other purposes besides taxation, and the ordinary legislative business of the Church was carried on in them.

  25. There were twenty-five archbishops and bishops present, who were almost unanimous in condemning him, while the Bishop of Hildesheim and a Dominican named Otto strenuously defended him.

  26. The Archbishops of Treves and Mainz had reported that an apostle of heresy had been sowing tares through all the land, so that not only the cities, but the towns and hamlets, were infected.

  27. Innocent further felt it necessary to report this action to the Archbishops of Tarragona and Narbonne, and to call upon them to assist the new appointees.

  28. I, the archbishop, first by myself and afterwards with the two archbishops of Treves and Cologne, warned Master Conrad to proceed in so great a matter with more moderation and discretion, but he refused.

  29. The archbishops and bishops were requested to set on foot a rigid investigation after heretics, and King Henry IV.

  30. The zeal of the Archbishops of Cologne was not without imitators.

  31. Conflans was at first the country residence of the Archbishops of Paris, and Saint Louis frequently went into retreat here.

  32. Then our present bishops might all become archbishops with advantage, and have general authority over the rest.

  33. He is consecrated as bishop by the patriarch of Jerusalem in consequence of the ancient connection, and he becomes one of the four independent archbishops of the Greek Church, the others being at Cyprus, Moscow and Ochrida.

  34. Its bishops and archbishops in England were appointed by the king, and its faith and service were set forth by acts of Parliament.

  35. Presbyterians, Quakers, Baptists, and Puritans had no hierarchy of bishops and archbishops to bind them to the seat of power in London.

  36. Soon after the Queen left Buckingham Palace the Archbishops and other officiating clergy took their stand upon the Cathedral steps.

  37. The entire burden of taxation rested on them--the archbishops and the nobles and the gentlemen all being exempt!

  38. So, in order to create a friendly bulwark about the throne, he made some of the archbishops and bishops secular princes, and bestowed upon them dominions over which they might reign as sovereigns.

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