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Example sentences for "equivocations"

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equivalents; equivocal; equivocally; equivocating; equivocation; equivoque; equo; equos; equum; equyte
  1. Yet what shall I say of the upshot of all his talk of my economies and equivocations and the like?

  2. Without it (he declares) we cannot become familiar with the equivocations of terms and propositions, nor acquire the means of escaping them.

  3. By their equivocations and mental reservations 'fanno essi prova di gabbare Iddio' (ib.

  4. When they seek entrance into any place, they do not hesitate to make what promises may be demanded of them, possessing as they do the art of escape by lying with equivocations and mental reservations' (ib.

  5. Nor does it matter that they colour their lies with the name of equivocations or mental reservations.

  6. But what shall I say of the upshot of all this talk of my economies and equivocations and the like?

  7. And that, both because what you do not wish done to yourself, you should not do to another; now the patrons of equivocations and mental reservations would not like to be themselves deceived by others, etc.

  8. As I have used somewhat strong language, both here and elsewhere, of the equivocations of the economists on the subject of rent, I had better refer you to one characteristic example.

  9. I say, this sentence in italics is slipped cunningly into the long sentence, as if it were of no great consequence; and above I have expressed my belief that Mr. Mill's equivocations on this subject are wilful.

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