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Example sentences for "fescue"

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  1. The foliage of Fine-leaved Sheep’s Fescue maintains its dark green colour for some time in hot dry weather, and is so slender as to render the term “blades of grass” almost a misnomer.

  2. Although most useful in mixture with other grasses, a homogeneous turf cannot be obtained from Fine-leaved Sheep’s Fescue alone.

  3. Meadow fescue is a palatable grass that would be used more often in pasture mixtures if the seed were not high in price.

  4. To come under the fescue of an imprimatur.

  5. In much of Kansas meadow fescue would answer the purpose, northward brome grass would probably answer, and in some places timothy.

  6. The test tube experiment should now be made with a narrow-leaved grass like sheep's fescue and with a wide-leaved grass like cocksfoot.

  7. The reader is probably acquainted with the Fescue Grass, with its awned flowers arranged in one-sided panicles.

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