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Example sentences for "fest"

Lexicographically close words:
fescue; fesh; fess; fessa; fesse; festa; festal; festas; feste; festen
  1. Also whan there falleth ony fest of ony saynt thynke on h[ym] what payne he suffred here for goddes sake & how shorte his payne was.

  2. And thai so wondirly blith wer Of his come, that na toung mycht say; Gret fest and fair till him maid thai.

  3. The lordis of the land wes fayne Quhen thai wist he wes cummyn agane, And till him went in full gret hy, And he resavit thame richt gladly, And maid a fest and gladsum cher.

  4. He herd how Dowglas thoucht to be At Lyntoun-le ane fest till ma.

  5. Syne to the castell went thai thar, 45 And maid thame mekill fest and far.

  6. Wretyn at Norwych, the Monday next after the Fest of Seynt Luke.

  7. Capron, and yet they dyd but brak ther fest and depertyd.

  8. The first pament begynyng in the fest of Saynct laurence afforsaid next ensuyng, and if it happyn or fortune the said ferme of xijd.

  9. Munday next aftir the fest of Seynt Mathew the Evangelist, the xiij.

  10. Wretyn right simply the Wednesseday next to fore ye Fest of the Purificacion of Our Lady at London.

  11. Please you to wete the Sonday next after the Fest of the Invencion of the Cros,[238.

  12. Writen at Cambrigge the Sunday nexte before the fest of Seynt George.

  13. At vch farand fest among his fre meny, in halle; [Fol.

  14. And that ye farther suffer the officers appoynted by thesayd Busshop to resceyve aswell the next rent due at the Fest of thannunciacion of our lady last past as all other rentes due sithe that tyme.

  15. And thanne after that the fest and solempnetie of the mariage was done, the kyng conquerid many townes and castells.

  16. When she came up, "Are we gaein' ower fest for ye, Miss Elsie?

  17. Fest sittings" appear then to mean "the annual assemblage of servants who hire themselves to board from home.

  18. I have also frequently heard it used in this manner: 'I have fest my lad out apprentice to so and so.

  19. Fest of All Seyntis than next folowyng, and other CC.

  20. Englond at days underwritte, that is to sey; att the Fest of All Seyntes than next folowyng after the date of thys bille CC.

  21. Wret at Norwich the Soneday nex before the fest of Sent Margret.

  22. Fest of All Seyntes than next folowyng, and an C.

  23. Wrete at Plumsted on the Fest of Seynt Gervaise and Prothase.

  24. Also the said Sir John Fastolf, Knyght, the Tuysday next before the fest of Alle Saintes, and in the moneth of Septembre the said yere, and the iij.

  25. I can not telle al þe sonde, 1072 But rycher fest was neu{er} in londe.

  26. We can have a ‘Spearing the Sturgeon,’ a canoe tag, and a tub-tilting contest as well as a Talk Fest and other fun!

  27. Billy and Dudley dressed and then a Talk Fest was started by the Chief against Dudley; as they finished the victory was accorded Dudley with the remark, “He’s the fastest talker on the hemisphere!

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