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Example sentences for "fibrosis"

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fibrinogen; fibrinous; fibroid; fibroids; fibroma; fibrous; fibrovascular; fibs; fibula; fibulae
  1. In other words, an intestinal or chronic myocarditis or fibrosis develops, with perhaps later a fatty degeneration.

  2. Not infrequently a heart suffering from fibrosis acts perfectly until some sudden exertion, as lifting, running or serious illness causes it suddenly to become weak.

  3. In many instances this fibrosis is associated with fat deposits or fatty degeneration.

  4. Arteriosclerosis or arteriocapillary fibrosis is really a physiologic process naturally accompanying old age, of which it is a part or the cause, and it should be considered a pathologic condition only when it occurs prematurely.

  5. A fibrosis of the heart muscle and of the arterioles gradually develops, and the heart muscle sooner or later feels the strain.

  6. The pain is most marked on rising from the stooping or sitting posture, and may extend down the back of the hip, especially if, as is commonly the case, lumbago and gluteal fibrosis coexist.

  7. Both the gummatous lesions and the fibrosis of tertiary syphilis are directly excited by the spirochætes.

  8. Now my son, Sergei, died from cystic fibrosis in 1960.

  9. She was eventually asked to leave the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation which we had formed together in Dallas, and which became this national foundation.

  10. Very possible, but that was the period when we were very busy with our cystic fibrosis campaign.

  11. Now, my ex-wife and I started a foundation, National Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis in Dallas, of which Jacqueline Kennedy was the honorary chairman.

  12. Her mother is not actually practicing but she is in charge of the Cystic Fibrosis Research Institute in Philadelphia, she is a trustee of Temple University.

  13. And also in October we started working on this campaign, cystic fibrosis campaign, and were very busy.

  14. In both these groups it presents the same clinical course, being characterized by chronic inflammation with the formation of granulomatous tumours, which tend to undergo suppuration, fibrosis or calcification.

  15. An acute broncho-pneumonia with some interstitial fibrosis and a tendency to abscess formation.

  16. And now with continued degeneration of the medial muscle in those muscular arteries, fibrosis of the media may also show itself.

  17. Intimal fibrosis is common, together with hypertrophy and fibrosis of the middle coat.

  18. Such a deposition of layer upon layer of cells in an arteriole and the resulting fibrosis leads to the condition of disappearance of the lumen of the vessel, endarteritis obliterans.

  19. In the arterioles three kinds of changes occur: a muscular hypertrophy; a fibrosis of all the coats; or a marked proliferation of the intimal endothelium.

  20. I would thus regard muscular hypertrophy of the arteries and fibrosis of the different coats as different stages in one and the same process.

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