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Example sentences for "fiestas"

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fierily; fiero; fiers; fiery; fiesta; fiet; fievre; fife; fifer; fifers
  1. Fiestas are such bores, and this one was no exception.

  2. He liked the city, but appreciated Petaca's spaciousness, hunts, rodeos, fiestas and gambling.

  3. Let a few months pass and you will change your opinion, after you have attended a lot of fiestas and bailúhan, slept on cots, and eaten your fill of tinola.

  4. The fiestas de toros, or bull-fights, cost nothing for the performers but were attended with elaborate and somewhat expensive preparations for the enjoyment and refreshment of the members and officials.

  5. But it is in the great fiestas that one has the best opportunity of hearing the Indian music.

  6. Cañassa and the frequent drunken fiestas that are their only relaxation seem to be the means by which they are accomplishing the suicide of their race.

  7. These fiestas start in the morning when all the people go to church, which is always decorated with hundreds of flowers and candles.

  8. One of the most unusual fiestas in all Spain is held every March in Valencia in honor of St. Joseph.

  9. Generally, fiestas were initiated by the peasants and represented a communal expression.

  10. The first fiestas were held shortly after the Conquest.

  11. For some four hundred years fiestas livened these feudal outposts that existed across the nation.

  12. At harvest time there were no classes; during fiestas there were no classes; if the maestro got drunk there were no classes.

  13. Of these Filipinas Islands I will begin a discussion of this year's events in these islands with an account of the solemn fiestas of the immaculate conception of the holy Virgin.

  14. Let me say that these fiestas have been such that in the grandeur with which they have been celebrated, Manila has not been inferior to places in Europe and America.

  15. We also get a glimpse of the Hawaiian Night Blooming Cereus, so exquisitely beautiful that, for ages, in faraway Hawaii magnificent fiestas have marked the opening of the buds and the blooming of the Night Blooming Cereus.

  16. He always attends fiestas if some one will give him a ride.

  17. Chupurosa Hatchinguish, headman of the Showut Poche-dakas and a prominent figure in the fiestas and yearly councils of the Pauba tribes, was a treasure for anthropologists.

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