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Example sentences for "flattest"

Lexicographically close words:
flatteries; flattering; flatteringly; flatters; flattery; flatting; flattish; flatulence; flatulency; flatulent
  1. No dry ground was to be found in the vicinity, so we were fain to sleep upon the flattest rock we could find, with only one blanket under us.

  2. It mutely answered the blinking inquiry of Noel Vanstone's half-closed eyes by the flattest practical contradiction of Mrs. Lecount.

  3. And that," he concluded wearily, in the flattest tones of a curiously flat voice, "is the life story of C.

  4. The young man descended the steps in a state of the flattest depression.

  5. Take out the leaf, and, instead of laying it entire under the microscope, select the flattest part, and cut it out with scissors.

  6. With them you may impart every charm to the wildest heath or flattest prairie--with them the highest and grandest beauty may be imparted to the charmingly undulated surface of a great part of the British Isles.

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