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Example sentences for "flattish"

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  1. The envelope contained a creased yellow parchment, from between whose folds there clumped and fluttered down upon the floor a long flattish object wrapped in a paper, a newspaper clipping and a letter.

  2. From the effects on the drainage of the country it seemed probable that above the laccolites the strata swelled up in flattish eminences.

  3. Some of these rest on a curved floor, like the gabbro masses of the Cuillin Hills in Skye; others are injected along a flattish plane of unconformability where one system of rocks rests on the upturned and eroded edges of an older series.

  4. The ovary is egg shaped, one-celled, with a thick style and flattish stigma, and the fruit is a watery berry.

  5. The two parts of the ovary develop into two conspicuous pods, opening at the side, containing numerous flattish seeds, arranged along a thick, central axis, usually each with a tuft of silky down to waft it about.

  6. The Ixias are natives of South Africa, and have smooth or fibrous-coated, round and flattish corms, about an inch in diameter.

  7. It will be noticed that at the base of the Hyacinth, for example, is a flattish or deltoid mass of tissue.

  8. Two irregular flattish valves, one fixed or soldered, so as to form part of the side of an irregular shelly tube; the other free within the tube near the base.

  9. The Rabbai hills are an outlying range running parallel to the coast, or more properly, I should say, an abattis, which supports a high but slightly depressed flattish interior, gently declining westwards.

  10. The first five miles lay over flattish ground, winding amongst low straggling hills of the same formation as the whole surface of the Unyamuézi country, which is diversified with small hills composed of granite outcrops.

  11. Any flattish flower cluster, whatever be the order of blooming, or a similar shaped cluster of fruit.

  12. A flattish or convex flower cluster, of the centrifugal or determinate type, differing from a corymb chiefly in the order of the opening of the blossoms.

  13. But in the hard crystallines, unless they had a tendency to break into flattish fragments, their ruin would remain for centuries in impassable desolation.

  14. In some fishes, as the stickleback and the trumpet-fish, a pair of flattish or elongate bones called interclavicles (infraclavicles) lie between and behind the lower part of the clavicle.

  15. The second prominent spur entering the valley on the left has a flattish top unrelated to the rock structure.

  16. The gradients in many places diminish, and flattish spurs and shoulders interrupt the generally steep descents of the canyon wall.

  17. Cornimont Vosges, France A splendid French version of Alsatian Münster spiked with caraway, in flattish cylinders with mahogany-red coating.

  18. The messenger, after looking round to see that there were no bystanders, very mysteriously produced from his girdle a black, flattish oval stone of very close texture, weighing about a pound, almost polished by long handling.

  19. It was a flattish nugget, pale yellow in colour, smooth and rounded as to its edges, manifestly much water-worn, and measuring about three inches in length by one in breadth.

  20. I followed its course for four miles, but found that it was taking me in a more southerly direction than I wished, and had to retrace my steps along a flattish plateau.

  21. The large square building, with its walls painted red and its flattish dome of gilt copper rose by the waterside, and was both picturesque and handsome in its severe simplicity.

  22. I found that it was taking me in a more southerly direction than I wished, and had to retrace my steps along a flattish plateau.

  23. The large square building, with its walls painted red and its flattish dome of gilt copper, rose by the water-side, and was both picturesque and handsome in its severe simplicity.

  24. They had high cheek-bones; long, flattish noses, broad and rounded as in the Mongolian type.

  25. In shape the houses resembled a flattish haystack thatched with reeds, and with a verandah rising round it, supported on strong posts.

  26. Similar to the above in shape, but with flattish body, and peculiar in having two small handles or ears at the base of the neck.

  27. The flattish base is rubbed off in an irregular way, as if in grinding down for use as a pigment.

  28. On the opposite side is the usual flattish projection.

  29. A small bowl, the rim of which is embellished on one side with the head of a panther, on the other side a flattish projection which resembles a tail.

  30. Bottle-shaped vases, with globular or flattish bodies and grotesque tops.

  31. It may be described as a flattish cylinder tapering slightly toward the ends, which are truncated.

  32. It was a flattish affair and rectangular, the size and shape of an octavo volume--a flat box, if not a book.

  33. He came on until he topped the boulder, standing fully revealed upon its flattish top, the butt of his rifle resting on his boot.

  34. This flattish land, well within the enemy line, was the scene of very desperate fighting on the 1st of July.

  35. Well down towards the river, just above the road, a flattish piece of land leads to a ravine with steep and high banks.

  36. Some of Captain Dick's early boilers had flattish or oval fire-tubes.

  37. A flattish cover was bolted on to the top of the boiler, and the cylinder was let down into this top.

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