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Example sentences for "fusions"

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fusillade; fusillades; fusils; fusing; fusion; fuss; fusse; fussed; fussent; fusses
  1. The significance of these fusions will be discussed under the various groups.

  2. It is to be noted that all the forms exhibit the fusion of nuclei in the ascus, so that those with the normal or reduced sexual process described above have two nuclear fusions in their life-history.

  3. The matter is complicated by the apogamous transition from gametophyte to sporophyte in the absence of the ascogonium; also by the fact that there are normally two fusions in the life-history as mentioned earlier.

  4. Fusions with sodium carbonate can be made only in platinum, since porcelain or silica crucibles are attacked by this reagent.

  5. This statement applies to both fusions and ignitions.

  6. Fusions so complete as this are usually the result of unconscious acts of the mind, i.

  7. But migrations and racial fusions have caused even greater changes among those peoples who, culturally, must be classed with the Malayo-Polynesians.

  8. True, when the time was ripe, these migrations and fusions of peoples came to pass with the same necessity as did the original division of the primitive horde into two halves.

  9. These affective fusions are again bound up most closely with the ideational fusions that correspond to them.

  10. In contradistinction, however, to the intensive fusions of clangs and chords, this possesses the special characteristic, that it consists of elements out of different senses.

  11. One of the most important and simplest affective fusions of this kind is that of the so-called "common or organic feeling.

  12. Similar fusions occur in the various senses, and they become very complicated owing to the fact that sensation-elements of several senses are joined together at the same time.

  13. Under what conditions do cultural fusions take place and what is the nature of this process?

  14. The changes in languages in the course of the contacts, conflicts, and fusions of races and nationalities afford data for a more adequate description of the process of assimilation.

  15. The survey of the process of what the ethnologists call acculturation, as it is exhibited historically in the conflicts and fusions of cultures, indicates the wide range of the phenomena in this field.

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