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Example sentences for "fussed"

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fusing; fusion; fusions; fuss; fusse; fussent; fusses; fussily; fussiness; fussing
  1. So you may as well come and get your hand into the social game in preparation for being fussed over in July.

  2. That was why you fussed so long over those plans in Los Angeles.

  3. He took off his hat; pressed a hand to his forehead; then fussed with his little moustache.

  4. He fussed with it so much, and kept trying to twist it up at the ends.

  5. But you see it sorta fussed Corinne Doag too--she was standing right there--and she got a little red.

  6. With his right he fussed at the fringe on his upper lip, which was somewhat nearer the moustache stage than it had been last week.

  7. Then he fussed nervously with his moustache; adjusted his tie, wondering if the stick pin should be higher; pulled down his cuffs; and sat up stiffly again.

  8. Fussed me so I turned around and was going back into the store.

  9. Mrs. Bonstone fussed over Cyria, and mistress fussed over George Washington, and the baby-interest drawing the two ladies together so much, threw the two men together.

  10. He scraped several palettes, scrubbed up some palette-knives, screwed the tops on a dozen tubes of colour, and fussed and messed about until there seemed to be nothing further to do.

  11. I fussed about in that canoe until Duane came along, and then we went in swimming.

  12. While I mulled over and fussed I believe I, too, was perplexed.

  13. I fussed with the idea, did not know exactly what I was fussing about, and expressed my desire, interest, and concern poorly.

  14. I fussed all day over the Christmas tree which we are to have on the 26th, and this evening we had a small farewell dinner for Nigra, the Italian Ambassador, who is going away to Vienna.

  15. Agn├Ęs fortunately had everything ready, but I fussed so that my face was crimson when I got downstairs, and every one was already there.

  16. It fussed him just as much as yellow fussed the giant.

  17. I am as much fussed as the giant was at the sight of yellow!

  18. As he surveyed the man before him, Bill was as fussed as the giant of the fairy story had been by a display of yellow.

  19. They fussed some still about sleeping with the windows open, especially the bald-headed men.

  20. He fussed about the affairs of Bannister & Son; he fussed about the welfare of his friends at the club; especially, he fussed about his only sister Ruth.

  21. When he was your age he was the richest child in America, and everybody fussed over him till he grew up into a wretched little creature with a black moustache and two chins.

  22. I am going to be fed and petted and fussed over," said Mr Durrant.

  23. She is going to be petted and fussed over--I can see that.

  24. Susan and Betsey fussed with mince-meat and frosted cookies; Susan accomplished remarkably good, if rather fragile, pumpkin pies.

  25. Stranger things have happened," thought Jo, as she fussed about the room.

  26. She constituted herself a critical judge in the hairdressing process, and fussed about every pin.

  27. She grew so nervous that she scolded Ardelia and fussed at the Professor.

  28. And he fussed and fussed and beamed cordiality until he secured it in his plump white fingers and pressed it effusively.

  29. Her slender, shapely hands fussed over the wrappings of the book, while Robin and Beryl watched.

  30. Mrs. Budge fussed around the spacious belt of a dress for a handkerchief and, finding none, surreptitiously lifted a corner of her apron.

  31. Team members clapped a fussed Frederick on the back.

  32. Apparently Frederick, who came by his title "the Great" through this air of superiority, could not be fussed nor aroused.

  33. She who had hardly ever been noticed during the early part of her life, who was just her grandfather's darling and her grandmother's idol, was now petted and made much of and fussed over by every one.

  34. There are other houses where I can be entertained and fussed over, and regarded as I ought to be regarded, besides the home of Alice Tennant.

  35. She had completely won their immature masculine hearts, and they invariably sat one on each side of her at meals, helped her to the best the table contained, and fussed over her in a way that pleased her young majesty.

  36. All night he fussed over it, put it to bed, wiped it off, and at last fell asleep himself beside it in a joyous, tranquil slumber.

  37. She blushed deeply, and sat looking down as she fussed with her handkerchief.

  38. Polly, as she fussed with a ribbon bow, her face red with blushes.

  39. Ten minutes later a launch fussed away from the side of the Diomede.

  40. As he walked across the sunlit square and dived into the deeply shadowed tunnel which is the Waterport, a tender fussed noisily up to the quay.

  41. The bullocks were being goaded up an incline of planks and tumbled roughly into the unwieldy lighters, and as these were filled a little tug fussed up and towed them by threes to the waiting steamer of the Compagnie Mixte.

  42. He always fussed when Jen wore even a V-necked summer gown on the street.

  43. The way she fussed around him without in the least seeming to fuss.

  44. Buzz caught words about bravery, and Chippewa's pride, and he was fussed to death, and glad when the train pulled in at the Chippewa station.

  45. Temple dodged, fussed with the focussing apparatus, lowered the glasses, and blinked down the road.

  46. When I arrived she took me upstairs to the sitting-room where I used to spend my days when my ankle was bad, and fussed over me in just the same old way.

  47. There was only a trust company to reckon with, and what can a trust company do when it feels fussed and aggrieved?

  48. Then he fussed for some moments among the papers on his desk as if he were hunting for something, which he at last found.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fussed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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