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Example sentences for "haberdashers"

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  1. The Court of Aldermen directed (14 May) the wardens of the Haberdashers to prepare their barge as well as the "bachelers" barge for the occasion.

  2. Take the rich Company of Haberdashers alone for its benefactions.

  3. Their sale will be certain in that without buying the haberdashers cannot uphold their trade.

  4. Mercery or haberdashers wares were in no such request as money.

  5. He was very bitter against the world, and more especially against Thomas Webb, late of Hodman, Pelt and Company, "haberdashers to H.

  6. One of the craft might write to me, "Sir, in describing haberdashers as illiterate, you utter a wilful falsehood.

  7. Like the other Companies, the Haberdashers were much oppressed during the time of Charles I.

  8. The Haberdashers were incorporated by a Charter of Queen Elizabeth in 1578.

  9. The haberdashers were originally a branch of the mercers, dealing like them in merceries or small wares.

  10. My friend, throw your Haberdashers over the wall and act without delay.

  11. Drop the Malgamiters and the Haberdashers and all that, and--marry me.

  12. Booksellers and haberdashers predominated, but other trades were carried on also.

  13. A Comitte at Haberdashers Hall to spoyle the Caualeers as the Iews did the Egyptians.

  14. A comitte at Haberdashers hall to spoyle the caualeers, as the Jews did the Egyptians.

  15. Parliament, after the battle of Edgehill appointed a committee to sit at Haberdashers Hall to consider the fines to be imposed upon those of the King's adherents who had been taken prisoners there.

  16. Haberdashers and cheesemongers, drygoodsmen and fishmongers, butchers, tailors, saddlers, cooks and silversmiths all marched along with a pleasant emotion of relief.

  17. In and out of a dozen haberdashers they went.

  18. Perhaps some of our leading haberdashers and linen drapers will be willing to supply the answer.

  19. Up to two hundred years ago the chief pirates were Welshmen; to-day most of our haberdashers hail from the same land of the leek.

  20. In this lane the Waxchandlers have their common hall, on the south side thereof; and the Haberdashers have their like hall on the north side, at Stayning lane end.

  21. For whereas mercers and haberdashers used to keep their shops in West Cheape,[92] of later time they held them on London Bridge, where partly they yet remain.

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