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Example sentences for "haddock"

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hadd; hadde; hadden; haddest; haddie; haddocks; hade; hadent; hadna; hadnt
  1. Give him a haddock right out of the water for his dinner!

  2. A fish of the haddock kind, taken on the coast of Galloway.

  3. The Finnan Haddie, a species of haddock cured by smoke-drying at Montrose and Aberdeen.

  4. We have a saying in Boston that, "when the blossoms fall, the haddock begin to crawl," i.

  5. When haddock is cured by smoking, it is known as finnan haddie.

  6. As haddock is a good-sized fish, it is an especially suitable one for baking.

  7. When haddock is to be baked, select a 4 or 5-pound fish, clean it thoroughly, boning it if desired, and sprinkle it inside and out with salt.

  8. But it is different with the cod and haddock and hake.

  9. In this engagement, which happened off Cape Passaro, captain Haddock of the Grafton signalized his courage in an extraordinary manner.

  10. Admiral Haddock sails with a Squadron to the Mediterranean.

  11. The combined fleets amounting to double the number of the English squadron, admiral Haddock was obliged to desist; and proceeded to Port-Mahon, leaving the enemy to prosecute their voyage without molestation.

  12. In the latter end of this month, rear-admiral Haddock set sail with a strong squadron for the Mediterranean, which it was hoped would give weight to the negotiation of the British minister at the court of Madrid.

  13. November 10 Haddock au Gratin *Venison Cutlets Hashed Browned Potatoes Oyster and Celery Salad Marrons, a la Creme Coffee *Venison Cutlets--Trim venison cutlets in usual way.

  14. If we consider the absurdity of this conduct, it cannot but be imagined that our minister must send Haddock false intelligence and treacherous directions, on purpose that the Spanish fleet might escape without interruption.

  15. The Haddock also has a habit of feeding on shells.

  16. Both the Haddock and the cod will take stale clams as food, these seeming to be more attractive than fresh ones.

  17. This semi-metrical proverb expresses the season at which the haddock and some other articles of aliment are supposed to be at their best.

  18. This, however, as far as the haddock is concerned, would appear questionable, as there is an almost universal notion that the young of this fish at least are best after a little of May has gone.

  19. At the word, the other mounted his little box of a wagon, and in a trice laid three cod and two flabby haddock upon the lid, declaring they were as fresh and bright as a new-coined quarter.

  20. For it is obviously within even the intellectual resources of a haddock to answer, "But if a haddock is a horse, why should I yield to you any more than you to me?

  21. When thus gently reasoned with, the horse flings up his heels, kicks the cat, crushes the oyster, eats the haddock and pursues the nightingale, and that is how the war began.

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