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Example sentences for "havent"

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haveing; haveinge; haven; havena; havens; haver; haversack; haversacks; haves; haveth
  1. I havent been in the theatrical world since three generations for nothing," I says.

  2. So Beany he went across the street to his steps and he hollered over, hi there Plupy have you got any chink, and i hollered back, no Beany i havent got a cent, and Beany he hollered i shood have 10 cents if J.

  3. I havent desided but I THINK I shall ask her tomorrow after her knap.

  4. I havent desided--I don't KNOW, but I think I'm going to ask Aunt Olivia to pay me 5 cents a weak.

  5. I havent any objection to publicity, hack or otherwise," she said mildly.

  6. You yourself said it wasnt perfected, but perhaps you havent realized how far from marketable it actually is yet.

  7. I havent seen such a genuine sample since my kid sister wrote up Jack the Ripper back in 1889.

  8. Colonel, I havent seen a thing against the project except some fool articles in a newspaper.

  9. I havent the slightest idea where Miss Francis is to be found.

  10. Then there's the government bunch, the Disruptions Commission having finally and reluctantly produced an idea, but exactly what it is they havent confided to an eager citizenry.

  11. Anyway, even if it works on the miscellaneous growth here I havent the remotest idea how the Grass will react to it.

  12. Beany you jest wate till tomorrow and and see what you will get when old Francis finds out you havent studded your leson, and you two Pewt.

  13. Beany he sed i bet you havent been way down to the worf old Plupe and the peeple in my boat sed he surely has and the fat wimmen in Beanys boat sed the nex time we come up we will get him to row us and not you Elbrige.

  14. Pewt has got the list so peraps i havent rote them all rite.

  15. Clarence, Clarence is Pewt you know, and i sed no, i havent had enny fie with Pewt, then he went in and set by the table and red the Exeter Newsletter whitch always comes out on Fridays.

  16. Good heavens, you havent given orders to fire on them have you?

  17. I really havent time to discuss him further.

  18. How are you to know when you havent made her comfortable unless she has a vote?

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