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Example sentences for "haversack"

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  1. Pat fished a field-glass out of his haversack and passed it over to Jack.

  2. He carried a haversack on his shoulders and was dressed in the khaki uniform of the Boy Scouts of America.

  3. So argued Joshua as he fastened the haversack to the only button on the back of his coat.

  4. Clarissa heard ole Jube bark, and looking out of the kitchen window she saw the regulator shuffling along in his slip-shod way with an old haversack slung over his shoulder coming toward the front verandah and observed with some perturbation.

  5. Reaching down into his greasy haversack the Kuklux brought out a great chunk of barbecue, and flourished it around old Joshua's head like a musician's baton.

  6. Placing some of the ammunition in my haversack and the remainder in my cap, we were at them again, and recaptured the howitzer in the village, by the assistance of part of the third division.

  7. He dived into his haversack and drew out a quinine pill and a little bottle of whiskey.

  8. As the aroma filled the air, he opened his haversack and drew out a generous supply of raw beef which he broiled on little sticks, and laid on a spread of army biscuits.

  9. The haversack was gone and with it the knapsack and the overcoat.

  10. Private Eaton had his bayonet cut in halves, another man received a ball in his hat, and Private Paget had a ball cut his haversack straps.

  11. The first thing I did after the rebels skedaddled was to grab a full haversack and jerk it off a wounded rebel captain's neck.

  12. He was shot in the shoulder and his hand lay on the mouth of the haversack on the down-hill side.

  13. About daylight he came to an open, shaded spot, by a spring, where there was grass for his prizes, and where he could build a fire and then find out what there might be for breakfast in a very fat haversack which hung from one of the saddles.

  14. She did not let him forget to water the red mustang, and while Dick was drinking she packed a small haversack with cold meat and bread for Cal's use on the road.

  15. The haversack generally contained smoking tobacco and a pipe, and a small piece of soap, with temporary additions of apples, persimmons, blackberries, and such other commodities as he could pick up on the march.

  16. His pockets and his haversack are stored with little conveniences made by the loving hands of mother, sister, and sweetheart, and the sad yet proud hour has arrived.

  17. The haversack held its own to the last, and was found practical and useful.

  18. His entire outfit was the clothes on his back and a haversack accurately shaped to hold one half pone of corn bread.

  19. But it seemed that he was destined to disappointment, for the haversack was gone.

  20. My haversack has just been replenished," said the stranger, "and we have sufficient to last us for a day or two, at least.

  21. He urged me to go on with him, promising to carry my haversack and do all the buying, taking the risk of recapture, if I would furnish the money.

  22. I felt in my pocket and said, by golly Alban I left those passes in my haversack at Maj.

  23. I threw off my overcoat and haversack to lighten me, but it seemed as though I was in a nightmare; and though I strained every nerve to make the utmost speed, I seemed to be moving at a snail pace.

  24. In an ambrotype everything is reversed, so my musket is at my left shoulder, haversack and canteen on the wrong side,—in fact, I was wrong end to in every respect.

  25. They sang to us, and, besides giving us a nice supper, they packed a haversack with bread and meat for us to take.

  26. I had a large cloak rolled up and strapped across my body; my haversack was filled with little necessary articles for immediate use; thus I got clear off.

  27. Sidenote: 7th] This morning at daylight I left the hospitable blacksmith, who filled my calabash with wine and my haversack with food.

  28. We are often troubled to procure water; I always make a practice of carrying a supply for myself, also provisions in my haversack for two or three days' support, so am very seldom at a loss.

  29. The haversack is now packed and the carrier is ready for the reception of the pack.

  30. Pass the haversack suspension rings through the contiguous buttonholes in the lower edge of the haversack and engage the snap hooks on the ends of the pack suspenders.

  31. Place the assembled equipment on the ground as heretofore described; fold up the inside flap of the haversack so that its end will be on a line with the top of the haversack body; fold up the lower haversack strap in the same manner.

  32. If one reserve ration and one emergency ration are carried in lieu of two reserve rations, the haversack is packed in the manner described above, except that one emergency ration is substituted for two of the cartons of hard bread.

  33. He had emptied his pocket into the haversack on the morning of the departure from the valley what time Garvin was seeking the strayed burro.

  34. Jeffard smiled in spite of his mood, which was anything but farcical, and pointed to the haversack of specimens dangling from the loosened pack.

  35. Jeffard turned to go, slinging the lightened haversack over his shoulder.

  36. I started off with a haversack full of lemons I had bought at Fort Monroe to walk twelve miles to headquarters on a hot day in August.

  37. The cavalry stopped the pursuit to pick up Stuart's hat and cloak and the nice patent-leather haversack I had brought from Washington, which we had left on the porch.

  38. Two days' rations of hard-tack and sugar and cup in haversack was all equipage taken along.

  39. Dan succeeded in filling his haversack with crackers from behind a wagon.

  40. While watering horses I rode about two miles into the country, filled my haversack with ripe, juicy plums.

  41. One dark night, loaded with ammunition and with a haversack of provisions and several canteens of water, he crawled out into the space between the Union lines and the defender's ramparts.

  42. Fortunately he had left in his haversack a little salt and pepper with which he seasoned the broiling, hissing steak.

  43. The haversack strap for an instant whirled like the loop of a lasso in the air, and descended over the major's shoulders, pinioning his arms to his side.

  44. As we fell back in the afternoon, I found a haversack containing some hard-tack.

  45. Finally he raises himself on his elbow and tugs at the towel in his haversack to make him a pillow; the strap of the haversack is fastened, and the towel will not emerge.

  46. If a man took out of his haversack a chunk of bread, it was immediately black with flies, and he could not eat.

  47. You needn’t,” returned McBride briefly, reaching for the haversack which held the grub he had brought on this solitary hike.

  48. A scout axe, a hat and an open haversack lay there, and close to them a neat pile of twigs and small sticks.

  49. He entered with a huge haversack slung over his shoulder full of appropriate articles, with parcels under his arms, and protuberant [Footnote: Protuberant: bulging.

  50. I've got something in my haversack the doctor gave me, that ought to help Bumpus.

  51. Just step in the other one for a change, and my word for it you'll find your blessed old haversack just where you hung it!

  52. So marching directly into the camp, Bumpus plunged into the tent to which he was assigned, appearing with his haversack in his hands.

  53. Things have come to a pretty pass, I think, when a fellow just ain't allowed to leave his haversack around without somebody running off with the same.

  54. Each scout had his staff in his hand, and carried a haversack on his back.

  55. Officer and man alike, when we lie down to sleep, we lie down in precisely the same order as we go into action: haversack and water-bottle, ammunition and everything complete.

  56. Then off packs and into lifebelts every man; and in ten minutes the Battalion was eating its haversack breakfast ration, and the steamer was nosing out to the open sea, heading for France, the Front, and Glory.

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