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Example sentences for "hungriest"

Lexicographically close words:
hungered; hungering; hungers; hungrie; hungrier; hungrily; hungry; hunk; hunkered; hunks
  1. She did not know that this Congo River was the home of the Crocodile, the biggest, fiercest, scaliest, hungriest Crocodile in all Africa.

  2. I should like to share it with those among you who are really hungry, and have not eaten for a long time, so tell me truly which is the hungriest of you all, and bid him come forward.

  3. VI TEETH AND NO-TEETH Shah Ali desired to see the hungriest man in his kingdom, and find out how much of the daintiest food such a man could eat at a meal.

  4. Like bulls they strove, they slew, like wolves they seized the prey, The hungriest strongest first, and who should say them nay.

  5. He is God beyond all that heart hungriest for love and righteousness could to eternity desire.

  6. The kangaroo-dog's the hungriest subject in the animal kingdom.

  7. For one thing he got a share of the best food that was going, the scraps from the cabin table, and this was a very important matter for one of the hungriest boys aboard one of the hungriest ships athwart the seas.

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