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Example sentences for "imbibing"

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imbedded; imbedding; imbibe; imbibed; imbibes; imbibition; imbitter; imbittered; imbodied; imboldened
  1. That winter John Paul spent striving in vain for a better ship, and imbibing tactics from the French admirals.

  2. Acting on this theory, the primitive warrior seeks to convert his slain foe into the firmest of friends by imbibing the dead man's blood or swallowing his flesh.

  3. Just as even at this hour he was reverting to all he had learnt--more from watching and imbibing it than any other way--from Boase, so Nicky had absorbed from him what made him what he was.

  4. No: far from being strangers, we have been imbibing similar principles, similar views, and similar affections.

  5. The process of shaking hands all round and of imbibing more strong beer was then gone through; after which the jugglers became very anxious to see the marvellous net that was to make their fortunes.

  6. Several other persons were sitting in the public room, busily engaged in imbibing the various liquors suited to their respective palates, and discussing, with great solemnity, the political aspect of the State.

  7. So that hearing him was actually imbibing an atmosphere of aristocracy, inhaling the Peerage at every respiration.

  8. Everything in this picture reeks of gin; the only persons not imbibing it are the proprietor and his dowdy barmaids, whom I have no manner of doubt the artist intended to look captivating.

  9. Born at Constantinople of a Greek mother, he knew Greek early and fed himself on the Greek poets, imbibing something of their spirit.

  10. And so he stood quietly imbibing his bottle of beer whilst Bombastus Furiosis still held forth.

  11. Iron has the property of imbibing a greater quantity of phlogiston than is necessary to give it the metalline form.

  12. A manuscript of which the contents had been printed was then regarded as a cumbrous method of imbibing learning; its historical value was not recognised.

  13. He was statistical in the very marrow of his bones, apparently imbibing all the external facts of every person and everything around him, by a kind of rapid instinct.

  14. After imbibing inspiration from these healthful fountains, he returned home, and executed some church paintings.

  15. But his reading was not limited to such speculative topics, and we presently find him imbibing knowledge from a purer source.

  16. Whereupon Mr. Jinks, imbibing more poteen, replied that assertions, though in themselves worthy of high respect when they issued from so lovely and fascinating a source, could still not stand in opposition to facts.

  17. He was well versed in physics, which he was continually imbibing at the hands of his enemies, and, in accordance with the saying fas est ab hoste doceri, he turned the dosing to good account by studying the power of antidotes.

  18. I shall leave you now to carry on your imbibing process.

  19. Perhaps Miss Sinclair will come with me, so that you can have the imbibing time all to yourself.

  20. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "imbibing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    absorption; assimilation; digestion; drunkenness; ingestion; lapping; potation; pulling; symposium; tasting