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Example sentences for "incapacitates"

Lexicographically close words:
incapability; incapable; incapables; incapacitate; incapacitated; incapacitating; incapacitation; incapacities; incapacity; incarcerate
  1. Amazement or horror that confounds the faculties, and incapacitates for refletion; terror, combined with amaxement; dismay.

  2. This seems to operate economically for a time, but debility of the salivary organs soon follows, which incapacitates them from supplying saliva sufficient to moisten the food, producing in a short time disease of the digestive organs.

  3. Such disability must be such as "incapacitates them for the performance of labor in such a degree as to render them unable to earn a support.

  4. And these Bibles have been read by millions of their disciples with a kind of solemn awe or holy fervor, which not only wholly incapacitates the mind for perceiving its errors, but shuts out the possibility of a doubt of its truth.

  5. This orgnization incapacitates him for emerging, by his own will and power, from barbarism, and achieving civilization and refinement.

  6. Besides, a short period of married life, of complete surrender of all faculties, absolutely incapacitates the average woman for the outside world.

  7. And herein do we find one of the great evils of this chronology: It incapacitates the people to accept or to appreciate any blessing which has or may come to them through religious and social advancement.

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