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Example sentences for "aitches"

Lexicographically close words:
aisles; aist; aisy; ait; aitch; aith; aither; aits; aitu; aiunt
  1. I understand that the people of your Island is very careless about their aitches and that the pleece are worked to a frazzil pickin' 'em up from the public highways.

  2. School teachers catching children using aitches in this manner will keep them in after school and notify their parents who will spank them and send them to bed without their supper.

  3. The English people, even if they do drop their aitches all over everywhere, understand their own language, which is more than these Frenchmen do.

  4. Aitches dropped by accident must be picked up to once immediately and without delay.

  5. This Island ain't so big, map or no map, that they can afford to have it smothered in aitches as it surely will be if the habit ain't put a stop to.

  6. Pleecemen will report all aitches found on public streets to the public persecutor and will be paid at the rate of six cents a million for all they pick up.

  7. I have known him drop his aitches for a whole evening because he was too dead beat to hang on to them.

  8. Why, in moments of excitement he had gestures that must have made her shudder all down her spine, and more than once I have known his aitches become fugitive, though, on the whole, I must say he was pretty careful.

  9. I remember scores of little things like that, things done and things said with an incorruptible sweetness and affection, but things accentuated with lapsed aitches and with gestures that only Jimmy was unaware of.

  10. It didn't trouble her then that I dropped my aitches and had a greasy skin.

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