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Example sentences for "allocations"

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allo; allocate; allocated; allocating; allocation; allocution; allodial; allois; alloit; allon
  1. The differences in allocations in 1919 are accounted for by the differences in percentages of increase of the various budget items.

  2. The control powers of the bank extend not only to projects financed with its own resources but also to projects financed through budgetary allocations and out of enterprise profits.

  3. From the point of view of society, this means merely that the workers are allocated a certain share of the fund for consumption: every society, whatever its historical form of production, makes such allocations to its workers.

  4. In Marx's diagram, however, the capitalists are in no position to make these allocations at will, since the material form of their surplus value predetermines the forms of capitalisation.

  5. Specification of the proposed allocations within the Department of the functions of the agencies and subdivisions that are not related directly to securing the homeland.

  6. Specification of the proposed allocations within the Department of unexpended funds transferred in connection with transfers under the plan.

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