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  1. In a number of specimens annuli can be observed and circuli counted.

  2. Thus annuli may have developed at the same time of year.

  3. The Abdomen consists of a number of annuli or rings, and contains the greatest part of the intestines and other viscera; being united to the trunk, and formed with holes on the sides, through which the insect breathes.

  4. Colour: Body with black annuli disposed in threes, with red and yellow interspaces; head black, spotted with yellow or red.

  5. Colour: 8-9 sets of three black annuli on red and yellow; head black, with a yellow band on the occiput.

  6. Colour: Seven sets of black annuli disposed in threes, median annulus the broadest; head black, with a yellow transverse band behind the eyes.

  7. Colour: Body with 11-14 sets of black annuli disposed in threes, separated by red interspaces; head yellow; end of snout and a band across the middle of the head black.

  8. Black, with yellow cross-bars on the neck, and complete annuli on the body, the bars and annuli numbering 77.

  9. Entire body ringed with black and white, annuli narrower on head black, with a broad white band across the occiput, and another narrower and irregular one across the snout; nose black.

  10. Colour: Body with black annuli disposed in threes, with red interspaces; head yellow; end of snout black; a black band across the eyes.

  11. Colour red, with 15-16 sets of black annuli disposed in threes; head yellow, with end of snout black, and a black band across the eyes.

  12. One of the annuli pontificales was of elaborate character, and is thus described: 'Annulus quadratus magnus cum smaragdine oblongo, et quatuor pramis, et quatuor garnettis.

  13. This practice, which was subsequently termed the jus annuli aurei, or the jus annulorum, remained for several centuries at Rome their exclusive privilege, while others continued to wear the iron ring.

  14. From ancient documents it would appear that bishops sometimes called their rings 'annuli ecclesiae.

  15. This pattern is most distinct in young and half-grown specimens; in large examples the annuli may break up into spots, disposed with great symmetry in transverse series.

  16. Thus it may happen, in annulate forms, that some of the annuli are broken exactly in the mid-dorsal and mid-ventral lines, and that the halves do not correspond in number on the two sides.

  17. On the archæology of the ring see further SAXSE, Arcana annuli pronubii, 68 ff.

  18. It would almost seem, indeed, as if these wonderful annuli had been left by the Architect of Nature, as an index to the creative process.

  19. Such annuli or streams would probably each furnish an immense number of meteor-asteroids.

  20. As remarked, the prevalent number of annuli to a segment is three in the Rhynchobdellidae.

  21. The annuli into which segments are externally divided are so deeply incised as to render it impossible to distinguish, as can be readily done in the Oligochaeta as a rule, the limits of an annulus from that of a true segment.

  22. In the Gnathobdellidae the prevailing number of annuli to a segment is five; but here again the number is often increased, and Trocheta has no less than eleven.

  23. This corresponds to the usual presence (in the Rhynchobdellidae) of three annuli to each segment.

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