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Example sentences for "babbles"

Lexicographically close words:
babble; babbled; babblement; babbler; babblers; babbling; babblings; babby; babe; babel
  1. He babbles a good deal to himself; says over all his words, and makes variations in his repertory, e.

  2. When he babbles contentedly in this manner, he moves the tongue quickly, both symmetrically, e.

  3. For some distance the river bubbles and babbles down a boulder-strewn valley, and is the line of demarcation between the counties of York and Derby.

  4. Dante Alighieri taught to it the might of that vulgar tongue in which the child babbles at its mother's knee, and the orator leads a breathless multitude at his will to death or triumph.

  5. Besides, I shall be with him almost as soon as a telegram, now that this wonderful Pacific Railway is finished," babbles the girl.

  6. That muff, Oliver, actually giggled," babbles this youth, commonly called by his intimates Ferdie.

  7. Gussie, for example, as we have seen, babbles of syncopated newts.

  8. The point is that he babbles and is going to babble again, if he has another try at it.

  9. Prepositions: Babies babble for the moon; the crowd babbles of a hero; the sick man babbles of home.

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