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Example sentences for "babel"

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  1. The tower of Babel never yielded such confusion of tongues, as the chaos of melancholy doth variety of symptoms.

  2. It is evident to every thinking mind that the strife and confusion and babel of the six hundred jarring sects of Christendom can not do this.

  3. In this great hive of humanity may be heard at least fifty different languages making a complete Babel of sounds.

  4. The crowd broke way for them to pass on, but surged after them as they walked in a babel of welcome and honor.

  5. For a moment there was silence, and then a babel of confused and incoherent cries went up from the terror-stricken lips of the legislative and executive boards.

  6. The robins awoke all their neighbours, and a babel of bird notes filled the air.

  7. For a few moments there was a babel of laughing voices explaining to the delighted Margaret that school dresses should be bright and pretty, but simple and plain, and until cold weather they should wash.

  8. Then all the scene was shaken with a babel of bird notes in which you could hear a cardinal whistling, and a blue finch piping.

  9. Prior to this date, Google used a Systran based translator like Babel Fish in Yahoo!

  10. Well, you can't all fight him," remarked Jackson, when the babel had died away.

  11. Out of the babel of voices and roaring of wheels outside the window a single sentence struck sharply on our ears.

  12. It hath been observed by a learned man--and I wish I could not say truly observed--that there is most of Babel and confusion among those that cry out most against it.

  13. And, on the other hand, where divisions are, there is confusion; by this means a Babel hath been built in every age.

  14. Out from under that vast sounding board of a roof the noise at once diminished in volume, and I passed through the heart of the dust and babel and gained the cabin deck of the Memphis.

  15. I became suddenly aware of the babel of voices about me, of the noisome smell of Malay Jack's, and of the presence of Jack in person, who was inquiring if there were any further orders.

  16. And babel broke loose in the office, and in several thousand other offices in the street, and spread to others all over the world.

  17. From here one looked down into a room one or two hundred feet square, its floor covered with a snowstorm of torn pieces of paper, and its air a babel of shouts and cries.

  18. This is the Babel where lost was the label addressed to the friend, &c.

  19. They both sinned; and being permitted to choose whether they would be punished now or hereafter, chose the former, and are still suspended by the feet at Babel in a rocky pit, and are the great teachers of magic.

  20. Babel is regarded by the Muslims as the fountain head of the science of magic.

  21. The excited crowd surged forward, and a babel of voices arose.

  22. Out of the babel of voices these words came to us over and over: "The Spaniard!

  23. The light was so poor I could scarcely see their faces; a babel of voices greeted me, and more than one hand gripped me fiercely as the excited owner yelped a demand to know what in hell we were up to.

  24. There was a babel of voices, the men crowding about me, all else forgotten as the lust of greed gripped their imaginations.

  25. Below us there was noise enough, a babel of angry voices, but no movement of assault.

  26. About half the bunks seemed to be occupied, the figures of the sleeping men barely discernible, although their heavy breathing evidenced their presence, and added to the babel of sound.

  27. For having begun to build their tower of Babel without us, they will end, of course, with cannibalism.

  28. What a study is afforded by their bright, expressive faces; how gay the varied colors of dress and of vegetables; how ringing the Babel of tongues and the braying of donkeys!

  29. He was back on his own good fortune, however, when the hundred and fifty and odd passengers in their carriage, separated into scores by iron bars, had subsided into a mere babel of speaking voices.

  30. There was no quarrelling now, only a babel of shrill kindly voices.

  31. From within came a babel of voices, striving to speak softly and so sinking into a sort of sibilant hiss, broken by one querulous cry of intermittent complaint.

  32. The strident egotism and resounding, inverted platitudes with which Oscar Wilde once held dinner-tables in marvelling subjection would now be drowned in the more strident babel of cliché patter and the stolen humour of public comedians.

  33. Since that new Tower of Babel was erected, Westminster has watched other foundations arguing and striving to discover the correct pronunciation of classical Latin.

  34. A few Kaffirs talking a bastard Dutch and an old Harrovian, who stutters like an excited soda water syphon, completes the Babel in my immediate neighbourhood.

  35. It is a regular Babel at times, our Sister speaking a superior Irish and the orderly an inferior brogue.

  36. Down into this Babel of confusion Dane slowly made his way.

  37. She listened intently to all that was taking place, although at first it was difficult to make out any sense from the babel of voices.

  38. It was a joyous greeting they received as they gathered around the fire, and for a few minutes there was a regular babel of tongues, although Jean did not understand a word that was being said.

  39. We may thus see that Abraham would need warning against these habits of violence, tyranny, and plunder, into which the men of Babel and other tribes were falling.

  40. Now Abraham needed this warning, for the men of Babel seem from the first to have gone on the plan of driving out and conquering the tribes round them.

  41. God's gospel, go about and tell men, 'The men of Babel were right after all.

  42. So that, for good or for evil, the whole Babel event must have produced a strong effect on the mind of a thoughtful man like Abraham, and raised many strange questionings in his heart, which God alone could answer for him, OR FOR US.

  43. Then, while the husband and wife talked in subdued tones, Nancy listened to the babel of clanging gongs and footsteps of many people on the pavements over which they were passing.

  44. The floor manager, a tall young Irishman named O'Connell, raised his voice above the babel of talking and laughing, and proclaimed the opening number.

  45. Full twenty minutes elapsed, the while a very Babel of sound, created by the hoarse strong voices of the betting men, kept the fever of excitement to boiling-point.

  46. There was something hideous in the Babel of sound round the betting-men, and everything that was degrading in the features which most prominently presented themselves.

  47. What a Babel the car seemed when he did get into it!

  48. Very early one morning a great commotion and a babel of unusual sounds on deck awoke the travellers, and the stewardess going from room to room brought the welcome news, "We are at Havre.

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