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Example sentences for "bedbug"

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  1. The physiology and activity of the bedbug (Cimex lectularius L.

  2. Newman (1855) reported the observations of a friend who claimed to have seen a cockroach seize a bedbug in an infested boardinghouse in London.

  3. Wen dat Bedbug come down to my house, I wants my walkin' cane.

  4. The experimenters doubted that the bedbug is a carrier of the virus in nature.

  5. On the other hand, the bedbug (Cimex lectularius) was found to take the virus from the infected monkeys and to maintain it in a living state within the body for a period of seven days.

  6. Murphy had privately informed Mr. Reardon that the little cockney steward, Riggins, had charge of the bedbug ammunition.

  7. Yet he was up an' around, lively as a bedbug by candle-light, in less 'n five weeks.

  8. Now, you take a bedbug whose head is perfectly clear, and who hasn't been drinking or smoking too much, and there won't be many men on Wall Street much wiser than he is.

  9. You wouldn't catch a bedbug standing for that martyr game.

  10. A genus of hemipterous insects of which the bedbug is the best known example.

  11. It resembles the bedbug in its disgusting odor.

  12. The eggs of the bedbug are very small, whitish, oval objects, laid in clusters in the crevices used by the bugs for concealment; they hatch in eight days.

  13. In Kansas, the bedbug is improperly called the chintz-bug, and is believed to dwell under the bark of the cotton-wood tree.

  14. The spread of the bedbug is mainly due to its being carried from place to place in furniture and clothing.

  15. Traces the development of this parasite; believes that the bedbug is concerned in transmitting this disease.

  16. Very recent investigations show that the common bedbug of India (Cimex rotundatus) harbors the parasite that causes the disease known as kala azar, and there is no doubt that it transmits the disease.

  17. This tick lives in the resting places and around the huts of the natives and has habits very similar to the bedbug of other climes, feeding at night and hiding during the day.

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