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Example sentences for "bludgeoned"

Lexicographically close words:
blubbery; bluchers; blud; blude; bludgeon; bludgeons; bludy; blue; blueback; bluebells
  1. I had bludgeoned my mind into an attitude of safe hostility towards her, and I saw the old chaos ahead if I allowed myself to abandon it.

  2. As an egoist I had been thorough in my egoism; and now, fate having bludgeoned that vice out of me, I found myself possessed of an almost morbid sympathy with the troubles of other people.

  3. Acton dropped to the ground like a bludgeoned dog.

  4. In point of fact, he was as thoroughly bludgeoned by the Federation of Capitalist Unions as ever scab workman was bludgeoned by a labor union.

  5. He wanted to keep himself from being bludgeoned with the sledgehammer of his brother's fist or beaten with the leather skin of his slaps.

  6. Soon as his head emerged up out of the pit, was he going to be bludgeoned down into it again by going through in the Divorce Court precisely that which had bludgeoned him down at the inquest?

  7. If she can't; good; no harm done that he wasn't there to be bludgeoned anew.

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