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Example sentences for "bluebells"

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  1. At Witley she painted most of her studies of children indoors, in the nursery and the schoolroom; after she left Witley, she liked to set her cottage girls and boys among bluebells and apple-blossom out of doors.

  2. Pine trees stand round the open space of the hill; bluebells in May spread a film under them; beyond the grasses, heather and ling die from August purples to the bronze of autumn.

  3. Jon sniffed its freshness, and stared at the bluebells in the sharpening light.

  4. Walking on with them, too, across the open space where a wood-cutter had been at work, where the bluebells were trampled down, and a trunk had swayed and staggered down from its gashed stump.

  5. Bluebells under water sounds entrancing," said Betty.

  6. Never had the beautiful Miss Vanderpoel's eyes worn so fully their look of being bluebells under water.

  7. They sparkled and were often like bluebells under water.

  8. The bluebells under water were for the moment incredibly lovely.

  9. He had already, even in his guise of keeper, noticed one thing, which was that while at times her eyes were the blue of steel, sometimes they melted to the colour of bluebells under water.

  10. Music of water splashes pleasantly through the trees, where a streamlet falls from step to step; the last of the bluebells still linger by the way, and above them great beech-boles rise, all chequered with sun splashes.

  11. WHEN summer came bluebells grew over her grave.

  12. Over the bluebells the shadows were lengthening, and against their deep blue, as it mingled in the distance with the blue of the sky peeping through the branches, rose the straight and darkening stem of many an ancient tree.

  13. In May all woods are beautiful; but of all the woods I know, there is none on which the month of bluebells so freely lavishes her delights, as on the ancient and unkempt wood of Truerne.

  14. He did not stay to look at the view, or to sit on the bridge and watch the water, or to admire the bluebells when he came to Truerne wood.

  15. When he saw the roses and lilies and pansies and bluebells he thought this must be the great world he had heard the bees talking about.

  16. I found a very large party on Saturday at hospitable Mr. Astor's, and Cliveden in great beauty, entrancing carpets of bluebells under the trees.

  17. I have been for three days at Cobham, where the woods covered with bluebells were like expanses of Italian sky brought down and laid on the earth.

  18. Would you dare to give Mr. Cunningham some bluebells for his buttonhole?

  19. While Dorothy and Nancy were talking with Floretta, they were picking large bouquets of bluebells and a tiny white flower that grew as abundantly as the bluebells, and blossomed as freely.

  20. May I give you a few of these bluebells for your buttonhole?

  21. Other wild flowers beside the bluebells were blossoming gaily, peeping up from the grass as if offering a welcome to all who looked at them; and even great rocks and ledges held tiny blossoming plants in their crevices.

  22. The happy wave ran up and rang Like service bells a long way off, And down a little freshet sprang From mossy trough, And splashed into a rain of spray, And fretted on with daylight's loss, Because so many bluebells lay Leaning across.

  23. Without the violet, all the bluebells and cowslips could not make a spring, and without the blackbird, even the nightingale would be but half welcome.

  24. Along the mound by it the bluebells are seeding, the hedge has been cut and the ground is strewn with twigs.

  25. Among those seeding bluebells and dry twigs and mosses I think a titlark has his nest, as he stays all day there and in the oak over.

  26. Bluebells came up in asparagus-like heads that very soon broke into a blue mist of perfume.

  27. On her desk Miss Wilberforce had an enormous cane, which she never used, and a bowl of bluebells or wild flowers of the season and a big ink-horn and quill pens and books and papers which fluttered about the room on a windy day.

  28. Then they went on a little farther and saw some bluebells growing, and the bluebell flowers were tinkling a pretty little tinkle tune.

  29. The bluebells even kept on tinkling after Jimmie had picked them for his bouquet.

  30. Without the violet all the bluebells and cowslips could not make a spring, and without the blackbird.

  31. Other bluebells belong to the Campanula family.

  32. This has rather an odd result now and then, because flowers may alter their colours; there are white bluebells and white violets, and gardeners can raise crimson primroses.

  33. And they call to the bluebells down in the wood: "Are you out--are you in?

  34. The windflowers fluttered light, Like butterflies white and bright; The bluebells tremulous stood Deep in the heart of the wood.

  35. One day bluebells were along the hedge-bottoms, then cowslips twinkled like manna, golden and evanescent on the meadows.

  36. Walking down, she found the bluebells around her glowing like a presence, among the trees.

  37. He stared unseeingly at the bluebells in the grass by his feet while storm after storm possessed his breast.

  38. The trees were in their first bright green, the bluebells lingered in the woods, the birds sang songs of hopefulness to him.

  39. It was a bright morning just before Whitsuntide in the ensuing year, when the bluebells were still adorning the Elderthwaite plantations, and the ivy on the church was fresh with young green shoots.

  40. We told her we were going to gather bluebells in the woods, and of course we meant to do that too.

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