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Example sentences for "busking"

Lexicographically close words:
businessmen; busk; busked; buskin; buskined; buskins; buskit; busman; buss; bussed
  1. I have sat many a night at the dice with him and Miles Partridge, and Busking Palmer--" "Mr Underhill!

  2. O haud your tongue, my mother dear, Your speaking let it be, For I'm sae fair and full o flesh Little busking will serve me.

  3. Hold your tongue, my brethren dear, And let your folly be, For I'm sae fair and full of hair Sma busking will serve me.

  4. So, as a last resort, I determined to tramp down to some seaside town, and try and earn a little money busking on the sands.

  5. Therefore, be humbled for heaviness in that obedience, and thankful for willingness; for the Bridegroom is busking His spouse oftentimes, while she is half sleeping; and your Lord is working and helping more than ye see.

  6. But now, the Busking was apace, And soon, from every corner place The girls came with the skein of their own making To wind up at this sweethearts' merry meeting.

  7. He turned aside to his forge in silent dejection; and soon the anvil was ringing and the sparks were flying, while away down in the village the busking went merrily on.

  8. Dost deem the lassie is busking herself for higher game?

  9. She is busking up her hair just as was gude enough for the old nuns, but no for kings and queens.

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