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  1. The caking property is best developed in coals low in oxygen with 25 to 30% of volatile matters.

  2. As a matter of experience, it is found that caking coals lose that property when exposed to the action of the air for a lengthened period, or by heating to about 300 deg.

  3. The property of caking or yielding a coherent coke is usually absent, and the ash is often very high.

  4. Very important distinctions--those of caking or non-caking--are founded on the behaviour of coals when subjected to the process of coking.

  5. The strength and cohesive properties are also intimately related to the nature and composition of the coals employed, which are said to be caking or non-caking according to the compact or fragmentary character of the coke produced.

  6. Bituminous coals are either of the caking or non-caking class.

  7. It is non-caking and burns with a bright but slightly smoky flame with moderate heat.

  8. Caking coals are rich in volatile hydrocarbons and are valuable in gas manufacture.

  9. If large pieces of these kinds of coal are subjected to dry distillation, they, as it were, melt, flow together, and form caking masses of coke.

  10. In this manner some kinds of wood formed coal which on being heated left caking coke, others non-caking; precisely as we find with the natural varieties of coal.

  11. The best coals for this purpose are those which are bituminous; they comprise caking coal, parrot coal, and certain varieties of cannel coal.

  12. A few instances may be adduced, indeed, where caking coals of a fine quality for blacksmiths have been worked, though only in 12-inch seams.

  13. The line of contact of the rolling edge-stone is constantly preceded by a hard copper scraper, which goes round with the wheel, regularly collecting the caking mass, and bringing it into the track of the stone.

  14. It is more abundant in coals of the caking kind, with a bright steel-grained fracture, than in cubic coals of an open-burning quality.

  15. A sort of scale or caking in long, long time grows over original feelings.

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