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Example sentences for "carnivals"

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carnem; carni; carnibus; carnis; carnival; carnivora; carnivore; carnivores; carnivorous; carnt
  1. I have assisted at carnivals and feasts in various foreign parts--carnivals of students and also of the theatrically desperate apaches in the crawling underworlds.

  2. Of the balls which succeed carnivals in the cities which delight in these temporary divorces from the cares of business and finance, pages might be written.

  3. Very much the same rule prevails in regard to the Creole carnivals and balls, and the adaptation of the idea in other cities.

  4. If it be agreed that life is made up of something more than one stern, continuous race for wealth, then it must be conceded that these carnivals occupy a most important part in the routine of life.

  5. It was no generous ride; such carnivals rarely endow its patrons with their money's worth.

  6. I reflected upon the fall carnivals and ice cream socials, the frantic chaos of recess and the joy of art projects.

  7. Well might a great Italian writer pronounce revolutions to be the carnivals of history.

  8. THE effort to establish carnivals in America is not a very encouraging sign of a healthy moral tone in the public mind.

  9. Carnivals are not suited to our national traits.

  10. Snow modeling is one of the recent items added to the list of contests, and the varicolored snow statues add a festive appearance to the parks in which the carnivals are held.

  11. In the larger cities gala winter-sports carnivals of competitive and exhibition events are held each year, with entries from this State, Minnesota, and Canada; they are particularly interesting because of their international character.

  12. But as nobody cares what occurs at the carnivals at Rome, so can a party of fashionable Nicaraguans be allowed liberties at their watering-places.

  13. There is scarcely an issue of a daily paper without one or two throat-cutting incidents, and in the publications succeeding feast-days or carnivals their bloody annals fill columns.

  14. Within the week they hit a line of carnivals and country fairs.

  15. With the chill of winter beginning to creep over the great southern stretches of Texas, the season of country fairs and carnivals came to a close.

  16. In carnivals and many less elaborate customs.

  17. Each year their parts in the Winter Carnivals and Festivals grew to become more eagerly anticipated.

  18. Dimbovitsa and her friends, and others for miles around, were being hailed as true artists, and Winter Carnivals or Winter Festivals of her era were something as had never been seen before.

  19. And so did the mayors and burghers of the various towns, where most of the Winter Festivals and Carnivals were held, and so did persons who ran the Winter Festivals and Carnivals.

  20. At the end of one year's run of Winter Carnivals and Festivals they announced they would give their own event, and invited everyone.

  21. So she went on her way in wonder, longing to be once more safely housed with Monna Lisa, undesirous of carnivals for evermore.

  22. What have you to do with carnivals now you are an old woman with two children?

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