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  1. Of all animals the higher Vertebrata are the most complex; and among these the carnivores and hoofed animals (Ungulata) are highly differentiated.

  2. In all these cases the white colouring is useful, concealing the herbivores from their enemies, and also the carnivores in approaching their prey; this usefulness, therefore, is a condition of the white colouring.

  3. No ruminants are carnivores; ∴ No carnivores are ruminants.

  4. Defn: Any one of several species of wild and savage carnivores belonging to the genus Canis and closely allied to the common dog.

  5. Defn: Any one of several species of American musteline carnivores of the genus Mephitis and allied genera.

  6. Defn: Any one of various species of small carnivores belonging to the genus Putorius, as the ermine and ferret.

  7. Defn: A genus of carnivores which comprises the civets.

  8. Defn: Either one of two species of small African carnivores of the genus Ictonyx allied to the weasels and skunks.

  9. Defn: Any one of several fur-bearing carnivores of the genus Mustela, closely allied to the sable.

  10. From these primitive flesh eaters, with small and simple brains, numerous small teeth, and plantigrade tread, the different families of the carnivores of the present have slowly evolved.

  11. Eocene,--an order so generalized that it had affinities not only with the carnivores but also with the insect eaters, the marsupials, and the hoofed mammals as well.

  12. Going now over to mammals, the first thing which strikes us is the overwhelming numerical predominance of social species over those few carnivores which do not associate.

  13. The cries of distress of each one of the band immediately bring together the whole of the band, and they boldly repulse the attacks of most carnivores and birds of prey.

  14. Badgers and possibly coyotes are probably the only local carnivores (excluding large dogs) that could crack open the shell of an adult turtle by sheer force.

  15. Few natural enemies other than man are known; however most wild carnivores as well as opossums, large birds, and domestic dogs and cats are suspect as predators.

  16. Greatest among the carnivores are the two cat-monarchs of South America, the jaguar and puma.

  17. So long as the heavy herbivores were the most numerous these fighting carnivores were dominant over their sly, swift, slinking brethren.

  18. Preying upon them were certain carnivores grimmer and more terrible than any now existing.

  19. That true carnivores are not generally cannibals may be put down to their more ancient and perfect adaptation to a predatory life.

  20. That our domestic carnivores have also lost this wholesome restraint on passion and population points, probably, to some condition of a steadier food-supply as determining or permitting the change amongst ourselves.

  21. A genus of carnivores which comprises the civets.

  22. Any one of several species of wild and savage carnivores belonging to the genus Canis and closely allied to the common dog.

  23. His eyes were almost closed as he watched the wary carnivores slip closer to him.

  24. He had avoided all the animal perils of Pyrrus, all the big carnivores and poisonous reptiles, only to be laid low by the smallest beast of them all.

  25. Hemoglobin of Pandas: Phylogenetic Relationships of Carnivores as Ascertained with Protein Sequence Data.

  26. Food Habits of Some Neotropical Carnivores in Venezuela (Mammalia, Carnivora).

  27. And God made all Carnivores after their kind, And all Herbivores after their kind, And all minor mammals after their kind.

  28. And God said--"Let the Land bring forth living things after their kind, Herbivores and smaller mammals and Carnivores after their kind.

  29. That the faunule is not completely of floodplain type is seen in the absence or rarity of such relatively large carnivores as Claenodon ferox, the larger species of Chriacus, Triisodon, and the entire absence of the Mesonychidae.

  30. The high ratio of carnivores to ungulates is a peculiarity shared with, but far exceeded by, the Lebo fauna if figures obtained from surface collections of the latter are used.

  31. Carnivores such as the badger and the coyote get some of their water from the animals they eat and may go for days without visiting a spring.

  32. This is no special effort as carnivores generally range for miles in search of prey.

  33. It might be urged that some of the smaller Siberian carnivores and rodents do inhabit the Alps.

  34. Tundras then spread over the meadow-lands and remnants of forests, whilst arctic animals replaced the large ungulates and carnivores which had wandered far away from their native southern home.

  35. But Tcherski and all other palaeontologists who have examined these northern deposits are unanimous in the belief that these herbivores and carnivores lived and died where their remains are now found.

  36. In possessing lobulated kidneys the Pinnipedia differ from all terrestrial Carnivores except the Otters and Bears--a significant fact.

  37. There is a distinct tendency towards a homodont series, the grinding teeth being often very simple, and the very distinct carnassial tooth of many terrestrial Carnivores being absent.

  38. Enough if we see more or less clearly how the changes in the face of the earth and the rise of its successive dynasties of carnivores have stimulated living things to higher and higher levels in the primitive ocean.

  39. The vegetarians suffered an appalling reduction of their food; the carnivores would dwindle in the same proportion.

  40. Some of them were large vegetarian animals, more than twelve feet in length; others were carnivores with very powerful heads and teeth as formidable as those of the tiger.

  41. The appearance of fruit on early Tertiary trees and the multiplication of carnivores explain this.

  42. It is a type fitted only for prosperous days, and these Amblypoda, as they are called, will disappear as soon as the great carnivores are developed.

  43. Their early Eocene ancestors, the Creodonts, gave rise in the Eocene to forms which we may regard as the forerunners of the cat-family and dog-family, to which most of our familiar Carnivores belong.

  44. The carnivores selected the vegetarians, and fitted them to survive.

  45. Again, the only carnivores to whom they seem to have supplied food were reptiles of their own race.

  46. The primitive Tracheates, delivered from the increasing carnivores of the waters, grew into a large and varied family, as all such new types do in favourable surroundings.

  47. That assuredly is not the effect of an invasion of carnivores, even if we could overlook the absence of such carnivores from the record until after the extinction of the reptiles in most places.

  48. In the pelvis the acetabula are imperforate; and well-developed epipubic bones are never found in the adult, though traces of them occur in some Carnivores and foetal Ungulates.

  49. The Creodonta differ from all living Carnivores in having a femur with a third trochanter.

  50. The great geographic area from the far east to the far west over which ranged similar or identical species of these pachyderms and carnivores is indicated by the oblique lines in the geographic chart (Fig.

  51. The essential characteristic of the Carnivores is the dentition, which is adapted to seizing, holding, biting, and cutting.

  52. And we saw that a similar belief in respect of certain carnivores probably had a similar origin.

  53. The Paleocene carnivores were small and possibly arboreal in habit.

  54. The miacid carnivores were abundant and varied.

  55. The cries of the carnivores at night fill me with a dread so tangible that I am in actual pain.

  56. For weeks he had felt the hampering responsibility of their welfare in this savage wilderness where their utter helplessness would have rendered them easy prey for the savage carnivores or the cruel Wamabos.

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