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Example sentences for "casseroles"

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cassa; cassada; cassava; casse; casserole; cassette; cassia; cassimere; cassiope; cassique
  1. John Taylor Florentine Eggs in Casseroles Chop cooked spinach very fine and season with butter and salt.

  2. Roast the ore at dull redness for ten minutes (Note 1), allow the crucibles to cool, and place them and their contents in casseroles containing 30 cc.

  3. Cover the casseroles and heat over the flame of the burner, holding the casserole in the hand and rotating it slowly to hasten evaporation and prevent spattering, until the heavy white fumes of sulphuric anhydride are freely evolved (Note 3).

  4. Now, with her back turned, she is moving casseroles about.

  5. Here's a convenient way to freeze casseroles for later use that Joy Schrage from Whirlpool Corporation told me: 1.

  6. Casseroles with hard and soft textures would be riskier than, say, a straightforward boned chicken breast.

  7. Use individual cubes to intensify the flavor of casseroles or stir fry dishes.

  8. Block tin, enamel ware and earthenware casseroles and fireproof china should be used; the two latter whenever possible, because by cooking and serving in one dish you save labour in washing up and generally have the food served hotter.

  9. Earthenware casseroles in which the food is cooked and served save washing up.

  10. There were also individual copper casseroles and serving dishes, and a heterogeneous assortment of Japanese basketry tangled in excelsior and tissue.

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