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Example sentences for "celebrates"

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celebrants; celebrare; celebrat; celebrate; celebrated; celebrateth; celebrating; celebration; celebrations; celebre
  1. At the command of Fame, the names of the heroes are borne by the wind to the four corners of the world; a burst of music celebrates the deeds of the warriors: For in fight and blood-shedinge Is used gladly clarioninge.

  2. Layamon considers that the glories of the Britons are English glories, and he celebrates their triumphs with an exulting heart, as if British victories were not Saxon defeats.

  3. However much Shakspeare celebrates the French conquest of Henry, still he has not omitted to hint, after his way, the secret springs of this undertaking.

  4. Boccacio, a scholar of Petrarch, celebrates an artist who was equally expert at drawing with the stile, the pen, and the pencil.

  5. Vasari celebrates Baccio Bondinelli, who died in the middle of the sixteenth century, because he could handle equally well lo stile, e la penna, e la matita rossa e nera.

  6. The esteem of an enemy is most sincerely expressed by his fears; and the degree of fear may be accurately measured by the joy with which he celebrates his deliverance.

  7. The bow being considered a cow, this cow sharpens its horns; whence the Khorda Avesta celebrates the horned darts of the bow of Mithra, i.

  8. In it, immediately after having represented the Acvinau as drawn by winged asses, the poet celebrates the Acvinau as delivering the hero Bhugyus out of the waters upon a vessel that moved of itself in the air.

  9. A hymn of the Rigvedas, however, celebrates a kind of quarrel between the winds Marutas and the god Indras, prompted by rivalry; a quarrel which ends in Indras having the advantage.

  10. There is a riddle which celebrates the luminous night and the aurora, as two diversely beautiful ones who go together, but of whom one goes while the other comes.

  11. On this day the Church celebrates with joy, gladness and exultation the Nativity of her Lord, who became Incarnate (i.

  12. He who celebrates the Holy Eucharist {50} whether Bishop or Priest, is so called.

  13. The Church to-day celebrates the glory and majesty of God in His essence and in His works.

  14. When the Priest celebrates alone, he first reads the Epistle at the south side and then passes to the north side where he reads the Gospel.

  15. The most charming of all his longer poems is the Epithalamium which celebrates the union of Manlius with his bride.

  16. This [Word] is His glory and beauty with which the Psalmist, 21, 6, celebrates Him as being clothed.

  17. Among the jubilee medals of 1617 there is one which evidently, too, celebrates the victory over Zwinglianism and Calvinism.

  18. The bull celebrates the animal that has aided man in gathering the crops.

  19. Frieze at base on four sides celebrates beginning of progress.

  20. Charlet, who usually celebrates in his lithographs the soldiers of the great Napoleon, is the author of an amusing cartoon on our poor sign-painters.

  21. Kirchmann celebrates the emancipation of the State from the moral yoke: "Man hat Machiavelli zwar in der Theorie bekaempft, allein die Praxis der Staaten hat seine Lehren immer eingehalten.

  22. He celebrates their politeness and urbanity, their regular government, and orthodox religion; and boldly asserts, that these Barbarians could be distinguished only by their dress and language from the subjects of Rome.

  23. Their vessels, which were continually increasing in size and number, visited all the harbors of the Gulf; and the marriage which Venice annually celebrates with the Adriatic, was contracted in her early infancy.

  24. Robinson: "No single individual in the New Testament ever celebrates the Lord's Supper by himself.

  25. The early German hero was Siegfried, and the song or epic that celebrates his deeds is called the Nibelungen Lied.

  26. It celebrates the grandest of events with the sublimest strains that music may utter.

  27. Three weeks later the sun has moved on in the sky, permitting the constellation again to appear; and accordingly the Church celebrates the 8th of September as the anniversary of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

  28. The most affecting of these dirges is that which celebrates the death of Romana, daughter of Dariola Danesi.

  29. The noted historian of Anselm, who was also his companion and secretary, celebrates highly this effort of his zeal and piety.

  30. Christmas Day, morning (Prayer Book) The Church celebrates the Incarnation under the figure of a royal marriage.

  31. He has never been accused of prompting the assassin of Omar; though Persia indiscreetly celebrates the festival of that holy martyr.

  32. In any case the royal singer celebrates the extension of his dominion.

  33. By judgment Jehovah makes Himself known as "most high," supreme over all creatures; and hence the music of thanksgiving celebrates Him under that name.

  34. The former celebrates a judgment as accomplished which the latter almost despairingly longs to see begun.

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