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Example sentences for "chastely"

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chassez; chassis; chast; chaste; chasteau; chasten; chastened; chasteness; chasteneth; chastening
  1. He is very religious, recites offices daily, observes fasts, and lives chastely and devoutly.

  2. The apartments in this wing are chastely beautiful, alike in their decorations, their furnishing, and their appointments.

  3. Near the iron gates at which this walk commences is the Rosary, and close by is a pedestal erected by one earl, and inscribed with some chastely beautiful lines by his successor.

  4. A chastely beautiful altar-tomb, with a recumbent effigy of the Duchess, by Noble, has been erected in Trentham Church, and is one of the highest and purest achievements of sculptural Art.

  5. Make me thy guest, and she shall chastely go!

  6. Languid with stolen kisses, may she frown, And chastely to thy lips drop down her veil!

  7. Saxons can preach you a homily with any shaveling priest in the land, or simper as chastely as any wench.

  8. Then she took from her neck a beautiful crucifix of gold, chastely and tastefully engraved, and to which was attached a gold chain.

  9. The entrance-hall, stairs, and passages, are chastely in character; and the windows are ornamented with painted glass in the most appropriate manner.

  10. Suffice it to say, that every nook seems decorated by the hand of taste, guided by the most correct judgment; all is elegantly superb, and chastely grand.

  11. In the Marquesas Islands no one could become a priest without having lived chastely for several years previously.

  12. On entering I found the pavilion fairly large and chastely decorated, but it had only one occupant, who rose and saluted as I entered.

  13. The hall was a large and very fine one, most chastely decorated in a style which reminded one of the Etruscan.

  14. But these speeches are repugnant to himself; for either all good is commendable, and then the abstaining chastely from an old woman is also commendable; or all good is neither venerable nor joyous, and his reasoning falls to the ground.

  15. The money could not be refused, however small the amount, but it was given as an offertory to the temple, and the woman, having followed the man and thus made oblation to Mylitta, returned home and lived chastely ever afterwards.

  16. In our opinion, the practice also merits inclusion in a catalogue of virginal folk-lore, and we are further justified in our view by the statement that the woman who so yielded herself lived chastely ever afterwards.

  17. Cesarine, dressed in white crape, wore a wreath of white roses, a rose at her waist, and a scarf chastely covering her shoulders and bust: Popinot was beside himself.

  18. She wore earrings of gold fret-work, and her hair, gathered up a la chinoise, let the eye take in the soft freshness of a skin traced with blue veins, where the light shone chastely on the pure white tones.

  19. Scott selects Jesus, Newton, Beethoven, and Kant as "men of vigor and mental acumen who have lived chastely as bachelors.

  20. For many years they thus lived together, chastely sharing the same bed.

  21. This ultimately fulfilled, but always chastely hidden longing for love in return, gives the woman-worship of Dante a peculiarly noble charm.

  22. This is the case with those who think chastely of marriages: but it is otherwise with those who think unchastely of them.

  23. These brothers chose no wives, but lived chastely and ruled righteously, until at a certain time one died or departed, and two began to act unjustly and were put to death.

  24. I made dry toast the climax of my chastely simple repast.

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