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Example sentences for "collaborating"

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colitur; colla; collaborate; collaborated; collaborateur; collaboration; collaborative; collaborator; collaborators; collage
  1. Nay, I am not at all sure that he would not have been capable of collaborating with such a man as George Wilkins, and perhaps of writing quite as well as he, if not even better.

  2. He told an unkind anecdote of Marston, with whom he had first quarrelled and then made friends, collaborating with him in a play; and very generously and to his great peril, sharing his imprisonment.

  3. From this time on he wrote constantly for the theatre, composing three or four plays a year, collaborating on many of these with Massinger, and maintaining his position as the most popular dramatist of the time until his death in 1625.

  4. For ten years he was mainly occupied in collaborating with Fletcher for the king's men; and of the nineteen plays usually classed as his own, none were acted before 1622.

  5. I had been frequently attracted by the idea of collaborating with him.

  6. It consisted in collecting and collaborating the opinions of more than a hundred of the most distinguished professors of the Fatherland, besides the opinions of a number of eminent writers and teachers in girls' high schools.

  7. He was elected member of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres in 1859, and became a member of the staff of the Recueil des historiens de la France, collaborating in vols.

  8. Representatives of the Austro-Hungarian Government to be accepted by Serbia for the purpose of collaborating in the suppression of the above propaganda.

  9. Earl of Pembroke, and the Earl of Pembroke collaborating with Sir Benjamin Rudyard.

  10. We find him in Strype's Annals collaborating with the notorious Topcliffe.

  11. The collaborating libraries at once took up the work of bringing their indexing up to date and at the time of writing only three current periodicals are not indexed to date, with the exception of those for which there is at present no indexer.

  12. On leaving Galway, where he and Mr. Yeats had been collaborating at Coole, Mr. Moore began the second act in French.

  13. In '68 he published Letters of a Freethinker to a Village Priest, and has written many volumes in favor of the emancipation of women, collaborating with Mdlle.

  14. He has written much on public hygiene, political economy, and psychology, collaborating in a great number of the most advanced journals.

  15. Now he had obligations that were taxing all his powers; he was collaborating in the formation of a future.

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