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Example sentences for "communiques"

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communion; communione; communions; communique; communiquer; communis; communism; communistic; communitas; communitatis
  1. General Harper of the 51st (Highland) Division told me that in his opinion the official communiques and the war correspondents' articles gave only one side of the picture of war and were too glowing in their optimism.

  2. It was decided that the publicity of the proceedings should be assured by official communiques prepared by the secretariat and made public.

  3. In case of a disagreement as to the drafting of these communiques the matter should be referred to the principal plenipotentiaries or their representatives.

  4. Before the Budget Commission of the Reichstag Herr Scheidemann, the Socialist deputy, complained that in the district of Ruestringen certain of the German official communiques even were prohibited.

  5. However, it was necessary to prevent the bad effect which would be produced on the population by foreign communiques announcing that the German army was continuing to besiege Liege after taking it.

  6. But one has only to read the official communiques of the 23rd September in order to prove that L'Ami de l'Ordre has been forced to lie to its readers.

  7. As for Le Bien Public, it was suspended during the whole of May 1915, because the censorship would no longer allow it to publish the communiques of the Allies.

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