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Example sentences for "conclaves"

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  1. Here the pope used to meet the early conclaves of the Church in times of persecution.

  2. It is in the Quirinal Palace that the later conclaves have always met for the election of the popes.

  3. The first conclave that was guarded by a Savelli, in whose family the office of marshal of the Church and guardian of the conclaves became hereditary, was that which elected Nicholas IV.

  4. In old and long-since-forgotten books concerning the conclaves many curious particulars may be found respecting the customs and ceremonies connected with the disposal of the body of the deceased pontiff.

  5. Under these circumstances it may be acceptable to our readers to have some brief account of what conclaves are and have been.

  6. In the 16th and 17th centuries the character of the conclaves was determined by the influence of what were then known as the "factions," i.

  7. We know that the conclaves in which Leo XIII.

  8. The arrangements prepared in the Quirinal in 1823 did duty only three times, and for the most recent conclaves it was necessary to arrange an inner enclosure within the vast but irregular palace of the Vatican.

  9. Until after the Great Schism the conclaves were held in various towns outside of Rome; but since then they have all been held in Rome, with the single exception of the conclave of Venice (1800), and in most cases in the Vatican.

  10. Diplomatic emissaries fly swift; Conventions, privy Conclaves assemble; and wise wigs wag, taking what counsel they can.

  11. And Girondin Valaze has nightly conclaves at his house; sends billets; 'Come punctually, and well armed, for there is to be business.

  12. The personal interviews and secret conclaves before the Commission on the League of Nations met occupied a month and a half.

  13. The reason for these conclaves none knew, unless it was Orastes, who frequently accompanied the Pythonian, and on whose countenance a haggard shadow was growing.

  14. Men said he spent much time in the hills, in curious conclaves with surviving remnants of an old race: dark, silent folk who claimed descent from an ancient kingdom.

  15. Judgment And Mercy By the faithful of His children in their conclaves Shall His name be sanctified, Awe-inspiring are the praises of His angels, And the voices in His temple spread His glory Far and wide.

  16. Chapter XX: Concerning the Body of Microprosopus The masculine power is extended through Däath; and the Assemblies and Conclaves are filled.

  17. And thenceforth is it extended and goeth into the interior parts of His body, and filleth all those conclaves and assemblies of His body.

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